Where does your tuition money go?

By Molly Wilson

The Clarion looked through the ‘Form 990’ tax document and ‘Bethel University and Affiliates, Consolidated Financial Statements and Supplementary Information Years Ended May 31, 2021 and 2020’ and talked to campus employees including Vice President of Finance Amy Blaz to get a sense of where tuition dollars go. Liz Miller denied the Clarion’s request for information on the Health Counseling Services spending. The Clarion does not know precisely how much is allocated to specific funds. All information listed below is drawn from 2019 documents unless explicitly stated otherwise.

*This tuition rate does not include the $150 student activity fee. 

Alumni spent $15 million in 2019 to pay for the new Nelson-Larson Science Center, Sodexo was paid almost $5 million from board costs and Bethel received nearly $90 million from traditional undergraduate tuition, all three years ago at the start of an unpredictable pandemic.

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