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Broomball, Roman ruins and Monty Python

History professor Chris Gehrz toured Europe during the summer. | Submitted photo

Four of your Bethel University professors list their summer memories, childhood dreams and favorite Royal Grounds drinks.

Walking into your first college class can be intimidating, but knowing your professors can help ease some nerves. Ever wonder how they take their coffee or what they wanted to be as an eight year old? Some of them teach QWILT or Humanities – a series of courses fulfilling the general education requirement. Some of these professors teach the first-year classes for the most popular majors at Bethel from nursing to business to biokinetics. Or they teach classes with tags (the letter behind the number on some classes) that you will probably take this year. But more than anything, they are excited to meet you. No need to be scared (Trust me, I know, I was you once). Meet them here and learn some Bethel lingo along the way. Find the professors in your major and the ones teaching your classes this year. 

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Jim Beilby | Biblical Theological Studies 

Christianity and Western Culture

Favorite summer memory: Family trip to Seattle and Alaska

Favorite RG Drink: I’m boring – Dark

Favorite Bethel tradition: Summer

Freshman memory: Intramural basketball, volleyball and softball

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Charlie Goldberg | Digital Humanities

Christianity and Western Culture and Intro to Digital Humanities

Favorite Bethel tradition: I really like the ebb and flow of the school year: meeting new students in the fall (especially freshmen in CWC), seeing students progress through their studies and then saying goodbye to wonderful seniors at graduation time.

What they wanted to be as an 8-year-old: I think an astronaut?

Teaching essential: I always drink water from an old ceramic mug that was given to me my first year as a professor.

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Chris Gehrz | History 

CWC and Inquiry Seminar

Favorite summer memory: I spent a week touring Germany from Roman ruins to Gothic cathedrals to Holocaust memorials… It reminded me why I love history so much.

Favorite Bethel tradition: Smörgåsbord during Festival of Christmas

Freshman memory: Watching a Monty Python movie in a college auditorium! It convinced me to give up my law school plans, major in history and go to grad school.

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Keith Stein | Physics

General Physics 1 and 2 

Favorite summer memory: Hiking in Switzerland and Austria with my wife Barb

Freshman memory: Interim broomball

What they wanted to be as an 8-year-old: A cool 6th grader

Teaching essential: Two to three students with contagious enthusiasm

[Editor’s note: Some answers have been edited for grammatical errors and clarity.]

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