The Egg: September 19

Here are the top seven things you need to know this week.

By Molly McFadden | News Reporter

  1. Construction to repair the steps between the CC and HC begins this week, so plan your route to class accordingly. For those trying to access back classrooms in HC1, a path will be left open in the lawn.
  2. There are a handful of study abroad opportunities open for January 2023 including Science and Technology in New Zealand and Travel Writing in Belize. Those interested should stop by the Study Abroad Office or check out the E-announcements.
  3. Testify will be held Thursday at 9 p.m. in the Underground. The event, put on by Student Ministries Outreach team, features student speakers who will share their testimonies.
  4. Upperclassmen small groups are starting through Student Ministries and the Christian Formation Office. To get connected, students can sign up through the Google form in the E-announcements.
  5. The Ministry Scholars program is an opportunity for students hoping to attend Bethel Seminary after receiving an undergraduate degree. Program directors described it as “PSEO for grad school.” Those interested in more information should reach out to Program Director Bryce Johnson.
  6. Chris Renzema will be performing at Bethel during Homecoming week. Those interested in attending are encouraged to purchase tickets by scanning the QR code found on posters across campus.
  7. There are 42 days until Halloween, 66 days until Thanksgiving, and 97 days until Christmas. I’m not telling you when to decorate, but I think it’s time for everyone to begin preparing their tinsel.

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