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Top 5 songs to get psyched up to before a meet

By Ella Roberts | Sports Editor

Athlete: Josie Harms

Sport: Women’s Cross Country

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Slayton, Minnesota

Top 5 songs to get psyched up:

  1. “Battle Belongs ” by Phil Wickham
  2. “Glory Days” by Jason Gray
  3. “Sparrows” by Jason Gray
  4. “I Will Follow” by Jon Guerra
  5. “Yes He Can” by CAIN
At the Twin Cities Twilight race, Harms “led the Royals with a third place finish in a time of 18:52 over the 3-mile course.” | Photo by Teresa Brubaker

Why No. 1 psychs me up: “My number one song is ‘Battle Belongs’ because I feel like it has that hype-up energy, but instead of just going crazy, it focuses on the fact that the ‘battle does belong [to God].’ When I go into my races thinking that the battle does belong to Jesus, it’s Him running through me. It gives me that energy and helps me refocus by reminding me that the race isn’t about me, but it’s about Jesus. Right before the race, this is the song that’s playing.”

Favorite lyrics in it: 

1.) “And every fear I lay at Your feet…I’ll sing through the night

…Oh God, the battle belongs to You” 

2.) “So when I fight, I’ll fight on my knees”

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