Presidential races, homecoming and Noodles and Company

Four of your Bethel University professors list their summer memories, childhood dreams and favorite Royal Grounds drinks.

Walking into your first college class can be intimidating, but knowing your professors can help ease some nerves. Ever wonder how they take their coffee or what they wanted to be as an eight year old? Some of them teach QWILT or Humanities – a series of courses fulfilling the general education requirement. Some of these professors teach the first-year classes for the most popular majors at Bethel from nursing to business to biokinetics. Or they teach classes with tags (the letter behind the number on some classes) that you will probably take this year. But more than anything, they are excited to meet you. No need to be scared (Trust me, I know, I was you once). Meet them here and learn some Bethel lingo along the way. Find the professors in your major and the ones teaching your classes this year. 

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Beth Lefebvre | Education

Inquiry Seminar

Favorite Bethel tradition: When faculty stand on the stairs outside BGH and cheer the graduates. 

What they wanted to be as an 8-year-old: The president. When my Dad turned 35, I told him that he was eligible to run. 

What they are looking forward to this semester: Teaching my new Inquiry Seminar course on global education! 

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Katie Delgado | Adjunct

Introduction to Wellbeing

Favorite Bethel tradition: Homecoming! 

Favorite place to be alone: The hidden benches along the lake walking path are really peaceful spots.

What they are looking forward to this semester: I am so excited to get to know my students and bring my passion for Wellbeing to our classes!

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Abbey Payeur | Education

Inquiry Seminar

Favorite RG drink: The freshly squeezed juices are amazing!

Favorite place to be alone: The education room in the library

Freshman memory: My friends and I would walk to get Noodles and Company mac & cheese! We’d switch it up by adding tomatoes to it — sounds weird, but it’s great!

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Andy Bramsen | Political Science

Humanities, Introduction to Comparative Politics, CWC

Favorite summer memory: Board games with my kids, family jaunts up to the North Shore and a silent retreat 

What they wanted to be as an 8-year-old: President. But I’ve moved on. 

Teaching essential: I tried giving coffee up for Lent one year and realized that was not fair to my students. 

[Editor’s note: Some answers have been edited for grammatical errors and clarity.]

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