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17 Mother’s Day gifts your mom will actually use


Mother’s Day is less than a week away, and Clarion editors searched the depths of for the best Mother’s Day gifts so you don’t have to. 

By The Clarion Staff

Kombucha scoby (currently on sale for $9.75 + free shipping)

You can buy G.T.’s stuff at the store, but elite kombucha drinkers (possibly your mom?) make their own at home using a live scoby. The best part is, each time Mom brews a batch of ‘booch, a new baby scoby will grow, reminding her of the way her love for you ferments with each passing day. The manufacturer emphasizes size and color of the scoby will vary–for example, one Amazon reviewer said theirs slightly resembled the Virgin Mary. (Jaimee Hood) 

Screenshot 2020-05-04 at 10.31.32 AM.png

National Geographic gemstone mining kit ($11.99)

When your dad never could afford that gemstone mining trip, bring the trip home!

“My son loves collecting stones anywhere he goes and has a collection of mostly gravel. This set was the perfect gift for him as he felt like he found a treasure by finding the stones using the tools provided in the kit. There were 3 different types of stones good size ones.” – Amazon review by AB, five stars (Will Jacott)


3000 live ladybugs (currently unavailable on Amazon)

Forget a puppy! These little sweethearts will be sure to fill the void left by all your mother’s children moving out of the house!

“This is my second order of live ladybugs – my first was a gift last year. It was a really unique and cool present! I mean, who doesn’t love ladybugs?!?! So, upon finding aphids on my roses last week, I immediately ordered these again. They arrived on time, packaged well, and seem healthy (hardly any dead ones).” – Amazon review by Auntie Sunshine, five stars (Zach Walker) 


Heelys (ranges from $55 to $123.57 depending on size and color)

A brand new pair of Heelys will remind Mom of the glory days of raising you. Who says these sweet kicks are only for middle-schoolers with bowl cuts?

I love these Heelys! I bought these for my son’s 8th birthday because he saw them on a Netflix show. We read the directions and bam in three days he rides like a pro! Now he likes to shop with me and holds on to the cart to get a free ride. I would definitely continue to buy these for him when his feet get bigger!!” – Amazon review by Sarah, five stars (Jaimee Hood) 

Screenshot 2020-05-04 at 10.46.00 AM.png

TurboTax Advantage subscription ($109.99)

Your mom can never be too prepared for tax season. Make her day with this low-cost, high-reward subscription with America’s most trusted online tax adviser. (Zach Walker)


Meat shredding claws (currently on sale for $12.99)

“People love to dunk on these things, mostly because you can do more or less the same thing with two big forks. I disagree for two reasons: 1) do you actually have two forks this big? I don’t, and I often find dinner size forks both take forever to shred the meat, and tend to bend. 2) These let you pretend to be wolverine. Forks don’t. If you make smoked pork shoulder much, these are actually really useful.” – Amazon review left by C.S. Thom  (Will Jacott)


Grass flip flops ($17.99)

“Oh my goodness! I could wear these flip flops all freaking day! I never expected them to be quite so comfortable. With the exception of a rogue blade of grass that insisted on tickling the bottom of my right foot, they are perfection! (nothing that a quick trim with a pair of scissors couldn’t fix). I am tempted to buy another pair in case I wear these out.” –Amazon review by Tonya T, five stars (Emma Harville) 


Cell phone jail ($10.89)

“There’s no instructions on how to put it together… it’s still sitting in a pile… I can’t figure it out… I didn’t buy a puzzle did I??? I know it’s not rocket science but I would of appreciated some instructions….” – Amazon review by C-Cat, one star (Jasmine Johnson) 


ToePal (currently on sale for $13.99)

“I love these! They help SO MUCH to alleviate pain from my bunion. I am a Massage Therapist, so I am on my feet all day, and I am so happy to get home an put these on and feel the relief. My bunion used to throb with pain, but using these has truly helped! Use it EVERY DAY for maximum effect! They are durable and can be washed with soap and water so hygienic as well!” – Amazon review by Annie, 5 stars (Jasmine Johnson) 


Umbrella hat (currently on sale for $11.99)

Do you often forget your umbrella and wish you had one strapped to your head? Well, look no more. With Umbrella Hat, you’ll always be prepared for whatever Mother Nature may throw at you. Rain, sleet or acid rain; we have you covered. Headband not adjustable; head circumference: 23 inches.

“Great shade, my mom loves it! If it’s windy it will fly off like any other umbrella. I don’t recommend to use it on windy days even if you tighten it up. Other than that is great. I got it for my mom to do gardening and she loves it.” – Amazon review by Minnie S., four stars (Will Jacott) 

Inflatable lounge ($21.24)

Is Dad hogging the recliner? Get your Mom a furniture piece of her own with this Inflatable Lounge.  

“My 6’2” 280 pound son can get in and out of it no problem.” – Amazon review by Christine, 5 stars (Josh Towner) 


Pizza pouch  ($3.49)

“As an avid pizza lover, I found this product to be not only useful, but convenient, practical and the cause of much envy. It could be slightly larger, but eating part of the pizza isn’t necessarily a problem. Gone are the days where accessorizing with pizza was just a dream – this is reality. And how sweet it is.” – Amazon review by Katie Carns, five stars (Emma Harville) 

pizza pouch.jpg

Venus fly trap ($14.99 + $3.99 shipping)

Your mom is probably exhausted from getting flowers every year for Mother’s Day, so for those of you looking to mix things up while sticking in the genre, get her this Venus fly trap.

“Didn’t a track any flies. We had flies & fruit flies, neither went to the plant.” – Amazon review by Sandyq, 3 Stars (Josh Towner)



Detlef Schremph jersey ($49.95)

Get your mom your favorite NBA player’s jersey in your size. This gift means a lot to your mom because she loves to see you happy, so she will most likely let you wear this instead of her. This replica Detlef Schrempf jersey, for example, will definitely put a smile on her face. (Joe Hiti) 

Nifty Sport

 Fabulous frogs calendar ($13.85)

“I love frogs! I have been purchasing these calendars for 10 yrs and they are funny and have page boxes for writing in for (birthdays or appointments). I only wish new pictures would be added ….Please!” – Amazon review by Grammie Anna, five stars (Jaimee Hood)

Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition ($19.99)

Your mom really does need a new car. So get her the hit 2005 game Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition for Playstation 2. She can design her dream car in the game, and when she is satisfied, you can race the streets and build up cash for your next upgrade. (Joe Hiti) 

Rockstar Games

Lightsaber chopsticks ($10.97)

“Love love love these! Perfect for any Star Wars or SciFi fan! I brought these with my lunch to the office and it was a big hit with my coworkers. I’m sure they would also be fun at any hibachi restaurant….I plan on bringing mine on my next visit.” – Amazon review by AmazonGirl, five stars (Emma Harville)

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