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The Rankings: Bethel Residence Halls

Graphic by Toan Vo

A series of lists ranking the MIAC schools with Bethel in different ways.

By Ally O’Neil

Disclaimer: This ranking does not reflect any sort of standings or the opinions of anyone other than the reporter.

In this week’s rankings, each dorm will be ranked on a scale from one to ten, one being the worst and ten being the best dorm ever!


Arden Village: 7/10

  • Commodities: Shack lounges have fireplaces for residents to enjoy, especially in the winter months. While all residence halls have laundry facilities, you have to go outside your townhouse to the Shack lounges to use them.
  • Distance to main buildings: This depends on whether you live in Arden East or West. Arden West is the ideal half to live in because it’s right next to the main building
  • Name: I can’t help but wonder if this residence hall is named after the city that Bethel is located in.
  • Atmosphere: Open lounges create a welcoming atmosphere for students to hang out, play games or even watch movies. The separate townhouses allow for feelings of having your own apartment with five other people.
  • How old: Completed sometime in the 1970s, year not clear.


Bodien: 10/10, I’m biased because this was my freshman dorm. Bodien for life!

  • Commodities: One difference that Bodien has from the other two dorms on The Hill is it has The Den, a meeting space that can be rented by anyone.
  • Distance to main buildings: The Hill is about a three minute walk to the main buildings.
  • Name: Named after Mrs. Olaf Bodien, the woman who organized the women’s federation in 1916.
  • Atmosphere: The basement lounge is great space for students to study in peace but it’s also a space for some late night swing dancing when The Caves or Late Night Swing at the Ukranian Center are closed.
  • How old: Completed around 1941


Edgren: 7/10

  • Commodities: Like the other dorms on the Hill, there are storage lockers that students can rent out during the semester for some of their extra supplies they brought with them.
  • Distance to main buildings: The Hill is about a three minute walk to the main buildings
  • Name: Named after founder John Alexis Edgren, who first established Bethel as a seminary in 1871.
  • Atmosphere: Even though Shack isn’t an open space like Arden Village or the other second year and upperclassmen halls, it’s a place for students to hang out and enjoy a study break in the evenings.
  • How old: Completed around 1941


Getsch: 8/10

  • Commodities: All amenities are the same. One positive, or negative depending on the way you look at it, out of the three dorms on the Hill, Getsch’s 2.5 lobby is closed off, so no attempts to climb up or jump from the 2.5 in that hall.
  • Distance to main buildings: The Hill is about a three minute walk to the main buildings
  • Name: Could not find any significance of the name.
  • Atmosphere: Even though Getsch is “sketch”, the environment is no different from the other dorms try to create for incoming freshmen.
  • How old: Completed around 1985


Heritage: 7/10, if only the Heritage Pool was a thing, then I would reconsider.

  • Commodities: Heritage is a popular place among upperclassmen as the ideal dorm to be in because of its location. It has a laundry room on each floor along with a full kitchen on every other floor. Sadly there is no Heritage pool, that’s just a myth… or is it?
  • Distance to main buildings: The closest upperclassmen residence hall to the academic buildings.
  • Name: There seems to be so significance of the name.
  • Atmosphere: All floor lounges are open for residents to study and have out with friends, continuing that community aspect into their junior and senior year.
  • How old: Age could not be determined.


Lissner: 8/10

  • Commodities: Similar to Heritage, it has a laundry room on each floor. The living room in the suite is actually very spacious if you don’t have a ton of furniture.
  • Distance to main buildings: A brisk five to seven minute walk, depending on if you want to take the scenic route down the path through the trees, or go up the seminary steps, that honestly help you lose those 15 pounds you gained freshman year.
  • Name: Named after David A. Lissner, special assistant to former President George K. Brushaber.
  • Atmosphere: Same as Heritage, each floor has a lounge area. The open kitchen on third floor makes for a great way to chat with friends while making late night and cheese.
  • How old: Completed in 2005, making it the newest residence hall of Bethel campus.


Nelson: 9.5/10, newly renovated, and close to the main buildings.

  • Commodities: Air conditioning can no longer be a reason not to live in Nelson! Newly renovated, Nelson also has a new kitchen which creates a way for students to make dinner for their friends, which mainly consists of mac and cheese and other simple dishes.
  • Distance to main buildings: Nelson is the closest freshman dorm to the main buildings.
  • Name: Could not find any significance to the name.
  • Atmosphere: While Nelson isn’t as small as the dorms on The Hill, it never fails to allow students to create a community with others.
  • How old: It was completed in 1968, being Bethel’s oldest residence hall.


North Village: 7/10, only because it’s the furthest away,

  • Commodities: Mostly juniors and seniors live here. North Village is the only residence hall that has actual apartments, with full kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Distance to main buildings: North Village is the farthest dorm from the main buildings. It’s about a seven to ten minute walk, but it’s beautiful walking by Lake Valentine.
  • Name: Formerly known as North Woods and North Waters, it gets its name from the fact that it’s north of the academic buildings.
  • Atmosphere: The apartments make for a real-life experience of independence such as being able to cook your own meals, much like what it be like living in your own apartment in the future.
  • How old: Date of completion is unclear.
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