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Best spots to cry on campus


Here are some of the most secluded, comfy and cozy places on campus where you can shed a tear or two. 

By Makenzi Johnson

You just failed your bio-chem exam. A girl you like friendzones you by calling you her “brother in Christ.” Your iced caramel high rise latte from Royal Grounds was made with 2% milk instead of oat milk like you ordered. Or maybe you just feel off. Do you need to cry? 

I’m a firm believer that crying is the best way to let it all out. I also believe there’s no shame in crying in public, including on Bethel’s campus. As an avid crier myself, I like to think I know the best spots to shed a couple tears across campus. Allow me to be your emotional guide and offer some comfy and cozy spots to cry on campus – from most secluded to least. 

  1. Single-stall bathroom in the Brushaber Commons

This single locked bathroom that hardly anyone knows about makes a near-perfect location to cry. Right before the large public bathrooms in the BC, there’s a storage closet and this single bathroom tucked away. It can be hard to spot, which makes it so great for us criers! It’s a locked, heavy door, so if you’re wailing, no one will hear you. Tissues – or toilet paper – included. What more could you ask for in a private crying spot?

  1. Library

This location won’t cut it if you’re a loud or snotty crier, but if you’re able to silently let those salty tears drop down your face, this is the place for you. There are two levels of quiet corners, rows and rooms. The study rooms are an obvious go since you can sit down at a chair with your back to the window. No one will know. The cute cubby-like desks along the walls of the library also make it easy to tuck your head and let it out. Maybe walk to the second floor and cry among the shelves of American war history books. No one goes up there anyway. 

  1. Second-level art gallery above Benson Great Hall

Unless you’re a balcony dweller for Vespers or an art student, you might not know that this space exists. Usually used for showcasing art galleries, the large windows allow sunlight to shine on the comfy chairs and benches of this so-called lobby. It’s quiet, has a nice view and is away from the average traffic of classes on campus. Some of the windows have little alcoves where you can tuck yourself in and be the main character who has an emotional breakdown, then breakthrough! 

  1. Lakeside Center 

Maybe not the most ideal location during the winter months due to the walk, but the spacious and light-filled building has several twists and turns to hide away in. Turn down one hallway and there’s a seat just waiting for you. Turn down another hallway, take another left and another right and there’s a lone couch calling your name. The LSC is kind of ideal if you want to feel like a broody, private mystery while you let those crocodile tears drip down your face. 

  1. Comfy chairs above Royal Grounds 

I’ll warn you: this spot isn’t for amateur criers. I’d advise only intermediate or advanced criers take advantage of this spot. Sure, maybe people will see you when they walk past. Sure, maybe you’ll feel awkward or embarrassed. But you know what you won’t feel? Uncomfortable. Sitting in the comfy chairs is like sitting in a cloud. You can simply sink into the leather cushions. I’m convinced that when your body melts into the leather, so do your sorrows. 

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