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24 hours at Bethel

Video produced by Jett H-L

Highlights from ENW120 Digital News Studio’s 24-hour search for on-campus action.

By Makenzi Johnson, Soraya Keiser, Anna Pearson, Ella Roberts, Caden Christiansen, Matt Eng, Sarah Bakeman, & Jett H-L

Sophomore psychology and music student, Kaylee Fenner, jumps into the air to spike a ball to a teammate on her intramural volleyball team, “We Suck at Volleyball.” Fenner and her team play in the Robertson Center Gym every Tuesday and Thursday night from 11 p.m. to 12 a.m.. | Photo by Makenzi Johnson

12 AM

Sophomore psychology major Kaylee Fenner spends every Tuesday and Thursday night in the Roberts Center Gym for a game of intramural volleyball. Her team, ironically named “We Suck at Volleyball,” played at 11:15 p.m. and scrimmaged past midnight. “Normally I have a strict bedtime of 10:25 p.m. and currently it’s 12:07 a.m. I’m dying,” Fenner said with a laugh. “But I do it for volleyball because I love it.” 

As a sophomore biology student, Emma Nelson, usually stays up well past 1 a.m. during the week nights completing homework. She prefers to spend the day with friends, which leaves her doing homework and studying until the night when her friends are asleep. | Photo by Makenzi Johnson

1 AM 

Sophomore biology major Emma Nelson sits in a chair in her dimly lit living room at 1:11 a.m. shifting through printed notes and articles so she can write an Introduction to Bible paper due that morning — her other five roommates have gone to bed already. Nelson stays up doing homework until 2 or 3 a.m. every night. On a good day, she gets five hours of sleep.  

Senior double major in English Lit & Writing and Communication Arts & Literature Education 5-12 Morgan Day sits in The 3900 Grill and edits a book called The Dotson Story for her internship at Beaver’s Pond Press that is due at 7 a.m. Day pushed off her homework to celebrate her 22nd birthday and is now fighting to stay awake at 3:44 a.m. “I’ve chosen the grill because the light helps keep me awake more and to see all the people slowly filling in at like 5, 6 a.m slowly watching it get filled until my 9 a.m,” Day said. | Photo by Ella Roberts

3 AM 

Senior English education major Morgan Day finishes up work for her internship at Beaver’s Pond Press in the 3900 Grill at 3:44 a.m. She’s ending her 22nd birthday — filled with a trip to the Como Conservatory, receiving five bouquets of flowers and a plush bunny, and avoiding homework — with yet another all-nighter. 

Photo by Caden Christiansen

9 AM

Senior media production major Josh Sanchelli meets with two of his friends for a study session in the 3900 Grill. They eat a pre-lunch snack, drink coffee and discuss their classes. Sanchelli, frustrated with an assignment, smacks his textbook on the table and points out his irritation to his friends.

Photo by Makenzi Johnson

10 AM 

Junior communications major Grace Pust sits at the front desk in the Department of Communications Studies. As the receptionist, her job consists of completing Teaching Assistant work for professors and doing bizarre tasks. “I had to clean out a closet once and it had so much weird stuff in it – Christmas decorations, tri-fold posters and hundreds of little trophies,” Pust said. “I had to contact the art department to collect the trophies. I think they melted them down or something.”

Photo by Soraya Keiser

1 PM

Senior organizational communications major Gina Miller enjoys a quick meal in the Monson Dining Center. Most days Miller gets stir fry, but she always gets a fortune cookie. Her fortune for the day reads: Be adventurous and try a new look. “Does that mean I should cut my hair?” Miller asked. “I was thinking about it.” 

Photo by Anna Pearson

3 PM

Athletic trainer Alyssa Tiedens grinds her elbow into fifth-year softball player Jamie Axelberg’s left glute. This is Tiedens’ third patient of the day. Axelberg suffers from chronically tight hips, so her treatment involves trigger point release over the glute muscle, which helps loosen everything up. 

Photo by Sarah Bakeman

6 PM

Junior art major Josh Vana smoothes the edges of a clay bowl, letting the material slip between his fingers as the pottery wheel spins. He stretches the material upward to see how tall he can make it, but the top rim eventually disconnects from the body. “It’s okay,” Vana said. “Like I said, it’s only for fun.” 

Photo by Sarah Bakeman

7 PM

Junior business major Andrew Bland stands in the chip aisle of Target, carefully deciding which variety of Doritos would attract the most freshmen residents before moving down an aisle to grab a party-sized pack of Oreos. Bland, an RA in Getsch Hall, runs Shack Wednesday nights. “I’m gonna miss being on an RA team like I am currently,” Bland said. “That’s been really fruitful… but I’m not gonna miss my room.”

Photo by Matt Eng

8 PM

Senior media production student Kale Cox records a voiceover in the podcast booth as part of a media assignment. The media production department hosts a variety of industry-leading tools for audio and video work. “I’m trying to get this done quickly before my next class,” Cox said as he finished up his script and headed into the booth to record.

Photo by Jett H-L


Late-night Royal Grounds employee Elayna Kawlewski draws the metallic silver shutters to indicate the closing time of RG. She starts her closing tasks by changing out the garbage cans and preparing bins for the next morning’s rush. For most people, the “graveyard” shift is a drag, but for Kawlewski, living off the nighttime vibes via friends, co-workers and leftover pastries is enough to make the job fun. 

Photo by Jett H-L


Student Facilities Management Manager Christian Hamre vacuums the green carpeted halls in front of the Monson Dining Center and 3900 Grill. Half an hour to midnight, Hamre appreciates the quiet and calming environment the job provides. “It’s kind of nice to be in the low points of the building,” Hamre said. “Just to be around the buildings when they aren’t busy.”

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