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7 obscure hobbies you should try

Are your current favorite hobbies feeling repetitive or lame? Here are seven interesting hobbies that aren’t well known but can be something new and exciting to add to your resumé!

By Angela Gonzalez

  1. Beatboxing

Everyone has tried to beatbox at least once. So why not actually try to learn? If you’re embarrassed about it, practice when you’re alone. Do a quick Youtube tutorial search and try to figure it out! Learn how to make that awesome beat. Maybe when you’re an expert, you can bust down with your friends, be the beat-maker during rap battles or use it as a party trick. If not, you can always keep it as a hidden talent! Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next beatboxer for Pentatonix.

2. Rock painting

Rock painting can be a great way to let your creativity out. It’s very different from just painting on a canvas–a rock can come in all shapes, sizes and textures. These interesting factors can add more to your art! The best part is, when you’re done you can keep it or go “hide” it in public in the midst of a bunch of other dull rocks. People can then see your awesome art! They may even take it, or hide it somewhere new for others to see. 

3. Sticker collecting

Do you ever get random stickers from different events, and wonder what to do with them? Why not start a collection? There are special books that allow you to stick your stickers on the pages and reuse them whenever. Some people like to go out and continue to find different stickers to add to their collections. These special books are perfect for when you need to decorate a new water bottle. Just open up your collection and the stickers should be good to use!

4. Embroidery

For this one, I’m a little biased, since I do it myself. Embroidery is a lot of fun. It’s basically drawing with string! If you like to be a bit extra, you can even add beads and sequins to your art! I suggest practicing first. Get those basic threading skills down before you go out decorating anything you plan on displaying. Or not, you do you! Just be careful with the needles, you may poke yourself a few times before you can get it right.

5. Book annotating

Before you skip this part just because you hate reading, I need to tell you there must be at least a singular book that you love. When you annotate a book, you get to express your love and thoughts about the book! Also, if you love highlighting and sticky notes, this is for you. While reading, you can add in any thoughts, feelings and ideas that pop into your head. This is your book! Write down what you think the deeper meaning is, highlight parts that make you laugh or scribble down notes on why you loathe a certain character. Make that book messy!

6. Bottled sand art

This hobby can get a bit messy, but if you take proper precautions, anyone can enjoy it– unless you’re Anakin Skywalker. Bottled sand art consists of bottles that can come in various shapes and bright, colorful sands. You carefully pour in the different sands into the bottles, and when it’s complete you’ll be able to see whatever cool pattern or design you made with the sands. Once you really get into it, you can use special tools to help shape the sand for your designs. This can be a great addition to your dorm room decorations! 

7. Stone skipping

This is a perfect hobby to have in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” It can be relaxing to find the smooth rocks you need and try to get that perfect skip as the birds sing around you. On the other hand, it can also be made more competitive and fun. Try to get that perfect throw down to a “T’, and you might be able to skip that rock 10 times. That’ll make the ladies swoon. Gather some friends and have a stone skipping contest! Who can skip the most? If you’re new and have never skipped a rock, don’t feel discouraged when your first throw plops into the water. It happens to us all. Don’t give up!

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