Opinion Policy

The opinion section of the Clarion seeks to facilitate public dialogue on current issues, events and controversies. This section is also the place for letters to the editor and responses to other Clarion stories.

The Clarion considers opinion articles on any topic for the opinion section in print or online. Opinion articles that run in print will also be published online. We are most interested in articles that are timely and relevant to current events or articles that respond to stories in the Clarion. We want articles that are personal and speak to specific issues or events. Although we consider them for publication, we generally do not publish articles that are solely theological exegeses.

The opinion section acts as a public forum, especially in response to controversial topics or opinions. Writers may submit as many articles as they like to the Clarion and they will be considered for publication as long as they add to public discussion. However, the Clarion only allows one response per writer per topic. Writers may not respond to those who respond to them via the Clarion.

We prefer articles that are at most 650 words in length, but submissions of any length will be considered. Although we do not generally consider unfinished works, The Clarion staff may work with writers to edit pieces for publication. All submissions must be original and exclusive to the Clarion. If you submit an opinion piece to the Clarion, we cannot guarantee publication, but we will let you know within a week of your submission. Submissions may be sent by email to rachel-blood@bethel.edu.