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Though Bethel is ahead of the curve when it comes to combating gender disparities in staff positions, some majors reflect society at large. By Callie Schmidt Kallai Hokanson is the kind of person who programs a Flappy Bird game on Matlab for a school project and makes a promo video for it while other people analyze population growth. When Hokanson, A Bethel junior, tells people she’s a physics major, they do a double-take. “They’re really surprised,” Hokanson said. “‘Oh, physics?’ they say.” Bethel’s 2:1 ratio signifies that there are two female students to every one male student. But in physics, Hokanson is one of only five upperclassman female students in a department of 29 total students. There are no female sophomores. “Bethel is a reflection of society at large,” philosophy and gender studies professor Sara Shady said. “If we see gender disparity in what we’re majoring in, we’re going to…

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