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2017-2018 Multimedia Editor of The Clarion. Passionate about storytelling and making people laugh. Likes double overtime, interviewing people and pretending to understand Aristotle.

#TFTB: What is your worst habit?

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In the words of Trevor Limberg, “I always say I’m going to take some time to relax, but then I’m on my phone just mindlessly scrolling through Facebook everyday. That’s not very relaxing.” From swallowing too loud to not doing laundry, Bethel students share their worst habits on this installment of Thoughts from the Bubble. -Videographed by Maddie Christy, Josh Towner and Jake Van Loh. Produced by Josh Towner. Music is Back in Summer by Nicolai Heidlas.

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Professor Project: Bernon Lee

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Bernon Lee shares his thoughts on teaching, Bethel’s community and seasickness. By Josh Towner | For the Clarion Why Bethel? “In my investigations of the community, I found that Bethel was a strong proponent of the pietist tradition within evangelicalism … I liked that we would elevate love and compassion and concern for the other as the primary teaching of Christianity over all other things, and that we’d be willing to put some of the things that divide us in evangelicalism and Christianity and put them on the backburner.” What is one failure in your career? “At another college, I had an incident where I spent an hour or so criticizing the modern interpretation of the Bible, and afterwards I had a student come up to me and he said ‘I’m sitting there in pain as you’re talking about these things, and the reason why I’m in pain is that…

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Faith Meets Frisbee

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Bethel’s Ultimate Frisbee coach Matty Spillium seeks to integrate faith in the Ultimate community. By Josh Towner | Sports Reporter Matty Spillium works forty to fifty hours a week and has two children under the age of three. He also coaches Bethel’s Ultimate Frisbee club, which practices Monday and Wednesday nights from 11 P.M. to 1 A.M. Spillium came to Bethel four years ago to coach the Ultimate team. “At the time I came to Bethel, I was looking for a way to integrate faith and Ultimate. This was a pretty clear sign from God,” Spillium said. Spillium has played Ultimate since 1989. His experience includes playing in Mixed, Masters and Grand Masters clubs. He even has two National Championships under his belt. With this knowledge and expertise in Ultimate, he decided that he should coach. “I needed to put my experience to use in ways that weren’t just helping me,”…

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Track Siblings

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The three pairs of siblings on the track team share what it’s like to have a brother or sister to run with. Josh Towner | Sports Reporter David Huffman fastens his watch on his left hand, laces up his shoes, and heads out the door for a run. Meanwhile, Taylor Huffman, sitting nearby on the couch hears David leaving. He jumps up, slips on his shoes, straps his watch on his right hand, and races out the door behind David. This is the process the Huffmans generally follow when they go for a run. The fear of falling behind is enough to get them out the door. Identical twins David and Taylor Huffman thrive on competing with one another. Ever since the first race they ran together in high school, the two have been rivals. Finishing just one tenth of a second apart from each other, their track coaches had to…

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