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2017-2018 Multimedia Editor of The Clarion. Passionate about storytelling and making people laugh. Likes double overtime, interviewing people and pretending to understand Aristotle.

A 1950s Hangover

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Ring by spring culture is reminiscent of the 1950s. By Josh Towner Graduation in May. Wedding next February. Then, life. This is the timeline for seniors Tim Rockford and Marisa Griner. The couple met while working for Student Ministries. “I had to talk to like five people to see if it [dating] was okay,” Rockford said, since he was the Director of Student Ministries.   They got engaged after dating for one year and three months. Rockford, 21, and Griner, 22, are getting married much earlier than the average age of marriage in the United States: 28.8. From the outside looking in, the two are taking a huge leap. But from Bethel’s perspective, getting married young is nothing new, as Bethel currently has its highest-ever number of married students enrolled. Nationally, 5.7 percent of women and 4.6 percent of men are married by the time they’re 22 years old, according…

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Bethel is where science and faith collide

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Biology professor Joy Doan fused her love for science and God by coming to Bethel. By Joy Doan Fifteen years ago, I was a disillusioned academic living in Denver, Colorado. I was coming off a dozen years of traveling what the world told me were and always would be parallel roads. The first road included intensely secular doctoral and post-doctoral training in Immunology. The second and more important road concerned my faith in Christ.  I felt called to the former. The latter was deep in my bones. I had no idea how to bring them together, if it was even possible to bring them together. I had the beginnings of a plan to leave academia for full-time ministry. Then, I had an idea. Some might say a nudge from the Holy Spirit. I asked the internet how to find an open faculty position in Biology at a Christian college. Bethel…

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Bethel’s difference is in the small words

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Political science chair Chris Moore sees importance in the little words at Bethel. By Chris Moore If we ask ourselves what Bethel University has been about or what it should be about, we’re inclined to pay attention to the big words.  We look for those big nouns to define our goals. I’m attracted to words like “endowment” or “facility.” We zoom in on words like “opportunity,” “award,” “championship,” and “employment.”  If we can somehow make our way past the nouns, we’ll soon arrive at the verbs. Verbs motivate us, after all. So, we “strive” and “commit.” We “seek” and “build” and “reconcile.” We “study” and “practice” and “prepare.”  Then come the adjectives: “excellent” and “driven” and even “whole and holy.” Those are good things, too, but I’m not convinced they make us all that much different from the other colleges and universities down Snelling Avenue.  What I hope makes us…

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Surviving the spotlight

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Freshman Ty Koehn has won an ESPY and appeared on Good Morning America, but his 10 seconds of fame can’t end soon enough. By Josh Towner Koehn worked on the wad of Big League Chew bubblegum in his mouth as he looked to see who the next batter was.  One more out would punch Mounds View High School’s ticket to the state tournament. His heart sank as he recognized his longtime friend Jack Kocon step up to the plate. The two had played basketball and baseball together since elementary school. Koehn and Kocon were both seniors. With Mounds View leading Totino-Grace four to nothing in the last inning, Koehn knew this was likely Kocon’s last at bat. Kocon was the same guy who hit a walk-off just days earlier against Mounds View. Koehn worked to a 2-2 count. Mounds View’s ticket needed one more strike. The catcher signaled for an…

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When Turkeys Fly

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A turkey shattered a window in a seminary building this morning. By Diana Clark and Josh Towner. Joe Hiti also contributed to this report.  Shortly after 8 a.m, a turkey took off from Seminary Hill and shattered a window on the upper level of the old Seminary Building’s Campus Center Lounge. Facilities quickly cleaned up the glass and boarded up the window. The second floor lounge is closed until the window can be fully replaced. “It is obviously a comment on how clean the windows were,” Barry Holst, Director of Facilities Admin Operations, jokes. According to eye witness Anna Hultgren, the turkey was in a rafter of turkeys on Sem Hill when it took off flew into the window. The turkey stood on the broken windowsill and glided down to the patio before walking back up Sem Hill. Two spots of blood were found on either side of Sem Hill, but the tracks went cold in a creek bed just off…

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WBB: Royals torch Pipers

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The Bethel Women’s Basketball team dominated Hamline 94-50. By Zach Walker and Josh Towner The Bethel University Royals stayed consistent and on top during this afternoon’s matchup against the Hamline University Pipers. With only one lead change between both teams, the Royals were able to take control and keep it throughout. Proving solid from inside the paint and behind the line, the Royals shot 55.6 percent from the floor and 45 percent from three. Makenna Pearson, Bethel’s leading scorer, shot five for seven from three, contributing 15 points to her total of 19. “The team having confidence in me,” Pearson said when speaking about what worked in her leading performance. “It gives me confidence.” Six players put up double-digit scoring numbers. Pearson (19), Hannah Johnson (18), Haylee Barker (12), and Elizabeth Schwarz (11) led for the Royals, while Reilly Geistfeld, the MIAC’s leading scorer at 17.1 points per game, and…

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The other side of the bubble

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By Josh Towner From August 19, 2017 to July 29, 2018, I spent less than 50 days away from Bethel. For that dubiously long stretch of 345 days, I was never away from campus for more than two and a half weeks at a time. To put it lightly, I was tired of Bethel. I had eaten enough Sodexo taqueria and drank enough Royal Grounds dark roast to last me a lifetime. I saw enough people who claim to be good Christians leave their bags at an empty booth in the Grill while they ate dinner in the DC to make me consider never coming back to Bethel. That’s part of why instead of attending Bethel for the fall semester, I’m in New York City in a study abroad program. When I moved to New York, I immediately felt a change in energy. The city moves fast – it doesn’t…

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