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Maddie DeBilzan

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2017-2018 sports editor of the Clarion.

The looming risk

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Letting go of something heavy feels good – usually.   By Maddie DeBilzan | Sports Reporter The hammer throw happens within seconds, but those who watch it are mesmerized. At this particular meet on Saturday April 29, the 40-degree air blushed the athletes’ cheeks and chattered the teeth of little sisters wrapped in blankets. It’s game time. Weather doesn’t change a thing. There’s a formula. A routine. There’s the shaking of muscles and throat-clearing and neck-cracking. There’s this tension in the thrower’s shoulders and lungs and back and core — if you look close enough, you’ll see it. The tension pulls on the gravity. It hushes the silence to a full-on standstill. It makes mothers hold their breaths and dogs attached to leashes sniff the air for an answer. Then the swings come and although you’re too far away to feel the breeze, the goosebumps make you think otherwise. One, two, three, the…

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Interview Project: Maddie Ritter

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Bethel University junior Maddie Ritter wants to be different. In middle and high school she was the weird kid, but she liked it and embraced it. Being weird was her identity. When coming to college she felt the need to stick true to that personality. To this day she struggles proving her nonconformity, but still finds herself wanting to be like everyone else. With the looks of her bright blue hair and distinct style others might describe her as confident, however she’s just faking it to make it.   –  Produced and videographed by Maddie DeBilzan, Maddie Christy and Alayna Hoy   

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Coach Fregeau: Family first

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Mike Fregeau, defensive coordinator for the Bethel football team, has recently decided to take a step back from coaching on behalf of his wife and two daughters. By Maddie DeBilzan | Sports Reporter The ‘82 version of Michael Fregeau, with an ego almost as out-of-control as his hair, had his eyes fixed on the effortless serves, dives and spikes of the pretty blonde as he sat on the Robertson Center bleachers. When his friends said she wasn’t his type, he asked her out for coffee. A few years later, she took his last name. Fregeau’s gaze averted to his restless hands as he tried to swallow the lump in his throat. His thumb pressed down on the rear of the pen like his mind snapped through the pictures: Click, click, click. The pictures lined the wall and scattered the floor of his office: track runners bearing medals around their necks, geared-up defensive…

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Why we hate St.Thomas

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Exploring the rivalries between MIAC schools. By Maddie Debilzan | Sports Reporter Trent Anderson, former Bethel quarterback, lights up when he recalls his mud-stained jersey and the shivering blue and gold fans from the victory that occurred almost 30 years ago. Water filtered from the bottom of his helmet to the bare skin on his goosebumped back, and skywater tears catapulted from the tips of his soon-to-be-wife’s sopping pompoms. Of all people, he understands that gameday energy creeps to electrifying when St. Thomas is the opponent. For the Vikings, it’s the Packers. For the Red Sox, it’s the Yankees. For North Carolina, it’s Duke. For Bethel, it’s St. Thomas. Everybody loves playing teams they hate. There’s just something about playing a rival that causes indifferent fans to paint their faces, stay-at-home mothers to yell at the referees and diehards to completely lose their minds (and their voices). “St. Thomas was…

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#TFTB: What was the first movie that made you cry?

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In the words of John Carlson: “The Notebook just got real emotional, real fast.” Students echoed similar sentiments as they named the first movies that made them cry. Popular topics were chick-flicks, Marley and Me, and childhood movie favorites. Check out the latest installment of Thoughts from the Bubble: What was the first movie that made you cry? -Videographed and produced by Alayna Hoy, Maddie DeBilzan, and Maddie Christy

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