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Becoming the person she needed: From homelessness to Street Ministry

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Bobbie Jo Chapkin started a street ministry in the North Minneapolis community to reach the marginalized with love and the message of Christ.  By Molly Korzenowski  Bobbie Jo Chapkin rushed toward Merwins Liquor on West Broadway Avenue in North Minneapolis, yards from Sanctuary Covenant Church. A woman with long black braids, Tatiana, emerged from her car. Upon seeing Chapkin, a smile appeared on the woman’s face. BJ, her nickname for Chapkin, cares. Chapkin, a Missional Ministries and Digital Humanities major at Bethel, knew right away what the goal of her Digital Humanities capstone would be.  She wanted to do an internship allowing her to work with people living on the margins, a place she knew very well. This passion led her to work with Sanctuary Covenant Church on Broadway Avenue in North Minneapolis, a community shrouded in stereotypes. “I wanted to shed some light on what it’s really like, show…

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Blueprint for community

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Kyle Bellucci Johanson shares the meaning behind his exhibit. By Molly Korzenowski Students might have noticed the blueprints hanging on the wall while sipping coffee at Royal Grounds, or seen the small bookshelf and chairs in the corner of the Brushaber Commons. This is the work of 2oo9 Bethel alumnus Kyle Bellucci Johanson. He landed in Minnesota at 3:00 a.m. Oct. 2nd to speak to Bethel students later that day about his art. Johanson thinks about space in both physical and metaphorical ways through his art. He explores quantum physics, absence, dematerialization and other abstract ideas through performance art and sculpture. Recently, Johanson has been inspired by the panopticon, a prison designed in a circular form with cells surrounding a central watchtower. The prisoners can’t see inside the tower, but whoever is in the tower can see out, causing the paranoia of always being watched. He sees this structure as…

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