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Saying yes to God

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The number of women in ministry, despite being one of the most polarizing issues in the church, is growing. By Bri Shaw and Sarah Nelson|Clarion Reporters Pastor Laurel Bunker made her way up the wooden stairs of the stage in Benson Great Hall despite the 3-inch wedges on her feet. She normally waits quietly in the dark corner until worship ends, then walks onstage and booms a powerful benediction over the masses, hand high in the air. Students everywhere bow their heads. Chapel is packed. Chapel is almost always more occupied when Laurel speaks. She wakes up at 5 a.m. on days she preaches. Without the help of an alarm, her eyes are immediately open and she makes her way to her favorite place: her living room. While coffee brews and worship music plays, she pictures the Bethel students she will soon see at Benson Hall. She then dives into her…

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Movie Review: Tickling Giants

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I first heard about Tickling Giants in my entertainment reporting course when English professor Scott Winter began class one day showing the movie trailer. He recommend we go see it. I typically don’t watch documentaries for fun, in fact, I rarely watch documentaries to begin with, but this documentary looked different.   As a journalist and with today’s political world, I knew I needed to see this. Not only did the MSP film look interesting and funny, but it held potential in teaching me something valuable. This film would show me a glimpse into Egypt’s world during the Arab Spring, which I honestly didn’t know much about. I brought along a friend of mine who is very opinionated to say the least. I sat next to him and laughed next to him in St.Anthony Main Theater hoping maybe just maybe this will open his eyes to a different perspective. It…

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The locker rooms, explained.

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A closer look at Bethel’s athletic locker room renovations and how the size difference between men and woman’s facilities is compatible with Title IX. By Sarah Nelson | Features Reporter   A quick look into the men’s and women’s locker rooms at Bethel reveals new lockers and the BU emblem on square striped carpeting. But striking differences exist between the men’s facilities and the women’s: the size and space. Men’s athletics currently have three varsity locker rooms compared to one for female athletes. The three rooms are designated for football, men’s basketball and other remaining men’s sports. For women, one varsity locker room was built for all female athletes. An equal, day use locker room exists for both men and women. This 3:1 ratio of women’s and men’s varsity athletic locker rooms may seem disadvantageous. However, according to Title IX Coordinator and Chief Human Resources Officer Cara Wald, the layout…

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