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Saying yes to God

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The number of women in ministry, despite being one of the most polarizing issues in the church, is growing. By Bri Shaw and Sarah Nelson|Clarion Reporters Pastor Laurel Bunker made her way up the wooden stairs of the stage in Benson Great Hall despite the 3-inch wedges on her feet. She normally waits quietly in the dark corner until worship ends, then walks onstage and booms a powerful benediction over the masses, hand high in the air. Students everywhere bow their heads. Chapel is packed. Chapel is almost always more occupied when Laurel speaks. She wakes up at 5 a.m. on days she preaches. Without the help of an alarm, her eyes are immediately open and she makes her way to her favorite place: her living room. While coffee brews and worship music plays, she pictures the Bethel students she will soon see at Benson Hall. She then dives into her…

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