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5 coffee shops to visit this weekend

1.Dogwood Cafe Located in Northeast Minneapolis, this cafe was recently opened. It stays open until 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday, so it’s a perfect spot to get work done. This location has booth seating, with outlets included in each one, as well as sofas and tables. When you are ready for a study break, there are ping pong tables and games available. There are plenty of windows that provide natural lighting during the day and neon lights to set the mood in the evening. They even roast their own coffee. If you are looking for a cool environment and fun atmosphere, Dogwood is your place this weekend.   2.Diamonds Diamond’s is a retro-themed cafe, housed inside of an old building in Northeast Minneapolis. It stays open until 8 p.m. on weekdays and 7 p.m. on weekends. This spot has a full menu of breakfasts, soups and sandwiches. They also have… Keep Reading


The four of us

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a romantic holiday. By Maddie DeBilzan The four of us stride to the front of the line with our matching red White Bear Lake Recreation T-shirts and hand the beret-wearing Kodak photographer a couple of crumpled-up dollar bills. The eyelined girls who wore pink in line behind us giggle. “If you want a Valentine’s day photo with your friends,” the Central Middle School principal said the day before, “wear pink.” But we didn’t like pink. Pink was girly. Pink was for the sixth-grade girls who looked like miniature Bratz dolls, walking around with too much mascara snowballed on their eyelashes and over-straightened hair that looked like it was ready to fall off. When slept over in each other’s basements, we’d play Sardines and Wii Bowling and Truth or Dare. Then we’d make fun of girls who wore pink. “Mariah wears eyeliner, and mascara, and… Keep Reading

Keeping the ’90s alive

Sophomore Zach Fisk runs an Instagram Clothing account that will one day lead to a brick and mortar presence. By Diana Clark It was all about the hunt. For 5-year-old Zach Fisk, it was about the hunt for Fisher-Price Rescue Hero action figures that were no longer being made. His parents, Paul and Heather Fisk, started taking him around to different thrift stores to find these toys. “It was a hunt. The joy of finding something,” Fisk’s mother, Heather, said. Now at 19 years-old, sophomore business major with an entrepreneurial focus, Fisk has turned that hunt into an Instagram-run clothing store called Thrift-fil-a where he buys and sells used vintage clothing. Fisk grew up in Bothell, Washington not far from Seattle. Besides starting to buy toys and electronics from thrift stores at a young age, Fisk had a natural knack for selling too. “I’ve always been a little thrifter,” Fisk… Keep Reading

The yes man

Micah BigEagle comes to Bethel with a lot more life experiences than the average freshman.  By Laura Osterlund Micah BigEagle knew how they looked at him wherever he went. The 6-foot-7 redhead was a white unicorn; the only sign of the Western world that could be seen for miles. Now a freshman computer science major, BigEagle has a collection of stories to tell about the adventures he had between high school and Bethel. He applied to the Rotary Youth Exchange program before graduating from high school, which sent him to study business in India. While in India, BigEagle did yoga with the Education Minister of his state who aggressively told him to breathe. He had a freak-out moment in the middle of a grocery store when he saw a bag of Lay’s Sour Cream chips. He broke his foot while playing basketball and had to wear a hot-pink, full-length cast… Keep Reading


A reading break from work

Kirsta Graf will be reading to kids at the Dunn Brothers where she works. Kirsta Graf, a senior at Bethel University who is in the BUILD program, will be reading several stories to children at Dunn Brothers on County Road D at 10 a.m. Nov. 16. She will cozy up in the coffee shop to give back to children through the power of stories. “I like when the kids look at the pictures,” Graf said. Graf will not be nervous for her reading time with the kids. She is also an employee of the establishment, familiar with the hustle and bustle of the coffee shop. Although her previous reading only brought in one child, perhaps due to Minnesota’s abrupt entrance into winter the previous night, she will continue to read each Friday morning to however many kids show up. – Carmen Syverson, Clarion correspondent Keep Reading


Dorm hosts alcohol awareness night

Nelson Hall will update freshmen on the dangers of alcohol abuse. Nelson Hall is hosting Alcohol Awareness Night for freshmen Nov. 15 at 9 p.m.  with the goal to educate students about substance abuse in a residence hall setting. There will be drinks set up at the fake bar with a root beer keg and non-alcoholic Jello shots. Students will mingle through various stations as they answer trivia, try on fatal vision goggles and play drinking games such as Tippy Cup, receiving a stamp for each drink they consume. At the end of the night, an app will add up all of the drinks after accounting for gender and weight, revealing a blood-alcohol concentration that is fatal for many students. “It’s easy to think that the (Bethel) covenant is harsh, or ‘Yeah, we’re Bethel; we’re a dry campus,’” Resident Assistant Jensen Potts said. “First, it’s a fun event. But it also… Keep Reading


Sculptor discusses creative process

Artist Jill Downen will be speaking about her work featured in the Olson Gallery. The Bethel University Olson Art Gallery will be hosting award-winning sculptor Jill Downen for an artist talk event at 6 p.m. Nov. 14 in the Eastlund Room before moving to the gallery. Downen investigates the relationship between architecture and the human body through media, such as graphite, ink, and paper in the three dimensional form. She will be explaining her creative process for her installation titled “Selections from Three Dimensional Sketchbook,” displayed in the Olson Gallery. Students will ask Downen questions following her talk while getting a closer look at her work. “Since her work is fairly minimalistic, I’m looking forward to hearing the meaning she has behind it and how it interacts with the space around it,” graphic design minor Josh Raabe said. Following the event, the Art and Design Department will provide finger sandwiches, brownies… Keep Reading

One body event Tuesday night

Panelists answer questions on faith-life and community. One Body – a Q&A panel with Pastor Dan Adler, Pastor Edrin Williams, Ann Vu, Scott Soshay, and Mari Torres – will be held in The Underground at 7 p.m. Tuesday. The 90-minute discussion is a new event put on by United Cultures of Bethel and Student Ministries. The six panelists will answer questions surrounding culture and community. It is open for students to ask questions about how culture impacts their faith community at Bethel. Food and worship will accompany the discussion panel. “Our hope and prayer for this event is that people come with open hearts, ready to learn more about our own cultures and celebrate the differences in the cultures of others as well,” said Jessica Nafe, Executive Director of Student Ministries. –Chloe Peter, Clarion correspondent Keep Reading


Fall 2018 Coeval taking shape

Literary magazine editors meet to discuss and choose content Monday. The editors of Coeval, Bethel University’s literary magazine, will be scanning submissions of poetry, prose, fiction and non-fiction Monday to decide which pieces will be published in the fall 2018 edition of the Coeval. Writing submissions were due Friday. The meeting is exciting for the Coeval editors, as the latest edition starts to take shape. “I usually don’t have time to write or read anything if it’s not for class, so I love sifting through submissions and seeing how creative people are,” sophomore Coeval editor Jasmine Johnson said. –Emma Melling, staff writer Keep Reading

Three animated films for fall break

Bethel University students can make the most of a Friday off by catching up on homework, or they could dig into some classic animated movies to inspire themselves to do that homework during the weekend. Inquiry class sophomores suggest these three: Cuteness Overload Despicable Me (2010) can simply be described as the opposite of despicable.  It tells the story of an evil villain who grows to love three young orphaned girls, the cutest group of girls anyone will ever see on a movie screen. The youngest girl, Agnus, will literally tug at the heartstrings when she does something cute, such as when she wins a stuffed unicorn and screams, “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!” It kind of makes you wanna die, of cuteness overload. Basically, if you don’t plan on watching this movie, then just consider yourself a hater of cute adopted orphaned girls that turn a hard evil villain… Keep Reading

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