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Breaky in Kresge on a Saturday

Some students enjoyed breakfast event, but not the outsider so much. By Callie Chase, for The Clarion Mary Hitt sat down outside for a free breakfast in Kresge Courtyard. “I think there is just an overall vibe of sophomores knowing each other,” said Hitt, a graphic design major. “… as a junior and only knowing my RA, I just feel a little bit out of place.” The sun blinds Hitt and her roommates as they eat eggs and sausages on Saturday morning. She lives in Arden Village West, housing designated for sophomores. Her roommate, Gretta Sheehan, is a resident assistant who runs to make sure coffee cups are filled, donuts eaten, and eggs cooked. Sheehan stops at Hitt’s table. “I have a couple minutes to take a break. Guys, thanks so much for coming!” Sheehan said. Hitt distracts herself by asking a couple girls to eat donuts hanging from a… Keep Reading


Bodien brings dorm comfort to West Lawn

Freshmen experience their first Movie on the Hill with the comfort of their new home on campus. By Sara Dvorak, for The Clarion The song “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire bangs out of the speakers at exactly 8 p.m. on the West Lawn Sept. 21 at Bethel University. Freshmen Sydney Holloway and Elijah Rollerson break out into freestyle partner dancing and are joined by a swarm of their friends as they await the Movie on the Hill event. The dancers were all freshmen, except for RA Brody Hed, a senior from Becker who is finishing up his psychology degree. Men from Bodien were on the West Lawn 40 minutes before the 8 p.m. dance party began. Their main agenda: to “go hard or go home,” Hed said in reference to hauling a futon and couch halfway across Bethel’s 289 acres, which was placed eight feet away from the projection… Keep Reading


What a nickel can buy

Dr. Washington brings Peanuts psychiatry to afternoon courtyard. By Mackenzie Novak, for The Clarion Dr. William Washington set up the bright yellow psychiatric help booth Tuesday, awaiting 11:30 a.m.. The aromas of a nearby food truck fill the air, calling students’ names, but it was quiet and chilly. As it gets closer to 11:30, more students begin to walk through the courtyard. They glance around, noticing the abnormal setup in Kresge Courtyard. Some keep their heads down as they rush to class while others walk through the strip with their eyes wide, drawn to Washington, the Vice President for Student Life at Bethel University, behind the  booth. The jar for nickels sits there, waiting to be filled. Under the sign that reads, “Psychiatric Help, 5 Cents” stands Washington, smile wide across his face as students line up to approach him. If students don’t have a nickel, classmates lend one. Washington sets… Keep Reading


Are rock concerts really coming back into fashion?

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Cards look so good with a splash of color on the categories

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Would you like to find out why cactuses have thorns?

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The totaly amazing street art collection of 2016

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What the music industry can teach you about business

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