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THE PULL: Washington Post reporter Faiz Siddiqui

By Arts & Culture Staff | Edited by Abby Petersen Faiz Siddiqui left the plains of Ohio and Nebraska to ride bikes, buses and Uber in Washington D.C. as a metro reporter for The Washington Post. Siddiqui has worked for NPR, The Boston Globe and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. From pizzagate to scoliosis, Siddiqui can cover it all. I was a terrible student. I was a nerd, but not a book nerd. I threw myself into beat writing, which is how I approach things. I have a very obsessive personality. I covered a story of a headless, legless, armless body wearing a shirt that said “you got served.” That was my first real crime story at The Boston Globe when I was an intern there after my junior year. There is always someone with an axe to grind who wants to tell you something. You can find stories there. You call people up… Keep Reading

Interview Project: Maddie Ritter

Bethel University junior Maddie Ritter wants to be different. In middle and high school she was the weird kid, but she liked it and embraced it. Being weird was her identity. When coming to college she felt the need to stick true to that personality. To this day she struggles proving her nonconformity, but still finds herself wanting to be like everyone else. With the looks of her bright blue hair and distinct style others might describe her as confident, however she’s just faking it to make it.   –  Produced and videographed by Maddie DeBilzan, Maddie Christy and Alayna Hoy    Keep Reading

Interview Project: Justice Chaffee

Bethel University sophomore Justice Chaffee shares about his struggles growing up as a black male in a predominantly white community. He comes from Virginia, Minnesota raised by his mother while his father, who was an olympian athlete, remained absent for the majority of his life. Chaffee overcame the negativity of racism, kept his head high through tough situations and now studies physical education at Bethel while playing for the football team. Also, in this video he reflects on faith and life’s journey. – Produced by Madyson Fortier and Bri Shaw and videographed by Miranda Weippert    Keep Reading


#TFTB: What was your first R-rated movie?

In the words of Seth Stoykovich who watched “Jeepers Creepers” in third grade: “I was traumatized for a little bit. It was scary to go into dark places, and it took me a while to go to sleep.” From “Passion of the Christ” to “Hot Tub Time Machine,” Bethel students relay their first R-rated movie experiences in this installment of Thoughts from the Bubble. Keep Reading


#TFTB: What movie have you seen the most?

In the words of Darragh King: “Merry Christmas to all and all a goodnight. In the morning I’m going to get a cat scan.” He reminds us that we all can find a moment in a movie that cheers us up.  As we interviewed Bethel students they laughed out loud and let out an enormous grin when asked about their favorite movie in this installment of Thought from the Bubble. Keep Reading

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