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Bethel Scorecard

In a recent ranking of colleges by the U.S. government, Bethel University’s score has people around campus raising their eyebrows. President Obama announced in 2013 that the White House and the Department of Education were working on a national college ranking system. When the results, called the College Scorecard, were released, Bethel’s score didn’t stack up well against similar schools in the region. Obama said the system is meant to evaluate colleges and universities on affordability and on return investment — the latter being information not many students know before choosing a school. Keep Reading


Crime Time

It’s 12 p.m. and the Monson Dining Center is at its lunchtime peak. Students are piling to get in line as Sodexo worker Geetha smiles, swipes and happily exclaims “enjoy your lunch!” Before stepping in line students plop their backpacks, with all sorts of valuables in stow, in piles against the wall leading to the DC. It seems second nature to students. Bethel isn’t known to have a large crime record, right?” Keep Reading


Andy Mineo

Celebrity spottings are not really a norm here on campus, but tonight, rapper Andy Mineo will take the stage in Benson Great Hall at 8 p.m. Mineo is in the midst of his biggest tour yet, Uncomfortable, named after his latest album released in August. Keep Reading


A Megamixed Path

Within the darkness of his editing suite with only the glow of the MegaMix reflecting on his face, Jordan Alamat struggled to comprehend the elixir of the adrenaline swirling through his fingers paired with the doubtful, unwanted feeling of being “Intern Jordan” any longer. Keep Reading


Dr. Washington’s Way

It’s 8 a.m. as members of Bethel Student Government, Welcome Week, Shift and Pray First bust through the doors of BC 468 ready to move in the new Bethel freshmen. Keep Reading


A Call to Reconcile

On Monday, September 21, Bethel’s Student Senate meeting had a significantly higher attendance than usual. Senate was being asked by United Cultures of Bethel to “step up” and pass a bill that would fund the Cultural Connections Center. The requested money would go toward a variety of resources including books and artifacts as part of the addition. Keep Reading


Freshman Parents Reflect on Move-in

Freshman Megan Olson embarked on a 20 mile journey from her home in Maple Grove to transition to life at Bethel. Megan Olson’s parents weren’t surprised by all of the help, but the enthusiasm and energy of the move-in crew caught them off guard. Keep Reading


Cultural Connections Center: Set to Open Next Fall

New space in Clausen Center aims to promote understanding, friendship and shalom. Jenny Hudalla | Editor-in-Chief Cherie Suonvieri | Managing Editor Published April 16, 2015 in The Clarion. When Hmong-American student Johnny Yang arrived on Bethel’s campus, it didn’t take long for him to realize something was missing: a safe place for him to process his identity as a student of color. Four years and many petitions later, Yang finally gets to see that dream become a reality. On March 30, Bethel announced that a long-awaited Cultural Connections Center would open next fall. According to Leah Fulton, associate dean of intercultural student programs and services, the CCC is a Christ- centered community space created to promote understanding, friendship and shalom. “It feels great to finally see this happen,” said Yang, who still carries memories of uneasiness and trauma during his time at Bethel. The community fostered by the CCC, he… Keep Reading

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