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Reframing Engagement

I loved their questions the first time.

Kasey and I have been married for six months, but engagement season still tastes like stale maple syrup in the back of my mouth. It’s not like our engagement was a Nightmare on Elm Street — too few black-and-red sweaters and no drawn out chasing scenes from clumsy burn victims — but it wasn’t a Field of Dreams, either: Kevin Costner never made an appearance, and it seemed most times the only people gathering from afar came to ask how excited we were.


Letter from the President

I get the impression that to the Student Body, the Board of Trustees seems like this large, mysterious body — a group of people who no one really understands. We, as students, sense that they are significant, but we are not really sure why. I asked a few individuals what they knew about the Board of Trustees and here were a few of the responses: “I know they meet,” “not much,” and “it’s a group of people with a lot of money.”


President Barnes talks about CCCU and Homosexuality to Faculty Senate

Perched directly across from a gaping hole in the oval of faculty, Bethel’s president Jay Barnes wore an ominous look, showing little excitement for the coming conversation. President Barnes had one hour to address the faculty senate meeting about his letter, co-authored with Scott Ridout, president of Converge Ministries addressing the churches affiliated with Converge Ministries. Their letter was an affirmation to churches’ congregation that both Bethel and Converge, in the wake of uncertainty with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), would continue to hold fast in the traditional beliefs of marriage between one man and one woman.


“Such A Pretty Young Lady”

Formerly a pageant champion as Miss Brainerd Lakes, Bailey Wachholz now represents the Alzheimer’s Association as an advocate and a published author. The senior recently wrote a children’s book called Such a Pretty Young Lady: Grandma’s Journey with Alzheimer’s, a true story inspired by a family she knows from her home town of Nisswa, Minn.


The Great Divide

The first sentence of Bethel’s value statement reads as follows: “Bethel University is a vibrant, Christ-centered educational community.” The campus’ concept of community revolves partially around the physical togetherness Bethel’s space provides — all academic buildings are connected via skyway and underground tunnel as well as all dormitories within walking distance. But when the Anderson Center, previously named Pine Tree Center, was purchased in 2013, questions regarding how the new building will assist with Bethel’s space needs began to surface.