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Letter to the Editor: Dan Rotach

Adjunct professor of psychology Dan Rotach responds to reactions in the aftermath of Jamie Hudalla’s column, Naked and Unafraid. As a result of a recent article in the Clarion about sexuality, a number of people have asked for clarity in what I teach in GES208, Human Sexuality, at Bethel University. This is a general education course that looks at sexuality from an evangelical faith basis, and looks at sexuality as it is portrayed in contemporary culture. The course description is this: “An examination of authentic and inauthentic human sexuality, focusing on the nature of sexual and reproductive functioning, sexual self understanding, sexual dimensions of interpersonal relationships, and ethical dimensions of sexuality.” There is a section in my class called “An Honest Hermeneutic” where I empower the students, when they are forging any life-shaping decisions, especially about sexuality, that they read, interpret and apply the Bible in ways that it was… Keep Reading

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