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Letter From The President: The Campus Master Plan

Zoe Vermeer | The Clarion The following was written by Bethel’s student body president, Zoe Vermeer. The views in it are Vermeer’s only and do not necessarily align with those of The Clarion. Nine months ago I was asked to join the Campus Master Plan (CMP) Steering Committee as the College of Arts & Sciences student representative. Walking into the first meeting, I had little understanding of the CMP and how it would affect the Bethel undergraduate student experience. As I sat in meetings over the next few months, my eyes were opened to the reality that administration planned to move some of CAS over to the Anderson Center (ANC). At first, I was hesitant. One of the things I love most about Bethel is the small campus feel- the fact that all academic buildings are connected. I feared how moving part of CAS to the ANC would affect students’ academic… Keep Reading


Profanity in the Theatre

The following is an opinion piece and does not reflect the views of The Clarion. If you would like to submit an opinion piece in response or on another topic, please email Editor-In-Chief Jared Nelson at Emma Martin | Freelance If you recently saw Bethel’s production of “God of Isaac”, you may have noticed swear words as well as sexual innuendos. In response, you may ask, “why would Bethel allow such a thing?” As a Teacher’s Assistant for the theatre section of Introduction to the Creative Arts, I’ve read responses and thoughts on the show as a whole from Bethel students, and often there is mention of feeling uncomfortable due to the language and content. Now, I was raised in a Christian home and was taught that cussing was frowned upon as well as making sexual references. It was down right inappropriate and even sinful. Therefore, I can understand… Keep Reading


The Privilege of Ignorance and the Danger in Security

The following is an opinion piece and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Clarion and its staff. If you have response or an opinion you’d like to see published, please contact Editor-in-Chief Jared Nelson at Cherie Suonvieri | Freelance As a white woman born and raised in the United States, I have the privilege of ignorance. I have the ability to choose whether or not I want to follow what has happened in Beirut, Paris, Ferguson, or even what’s happening in Minneapolis. If I keep up on the news, I’m considered informed. But if I don’t, the only thing I might lose is a bit of pride in social situations. I come from a culture that idolizes security. This was demonstrated to me by the overwhelming concern for our well-being, poured out by our parents and loved ones back home when we (a group of 25 study… Keep Reading


Out with the Old

To a young sports fan growing up in the Twin Cities, the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome was sports heaven, a place where my dad and I could spontaneously purchase Twins tickets 10 minutes before the first pitch or plan a whole Sunday around tailgating before the Vikings game. Keep Reading


Reframing Engagement

I loved their questions the first time. Kasey and I have been married for six months, but engagement season still tastes like stale maple syrup in the back of my mouth. It’s not like our engagement was a Nightmare on Elm Street — too few black-and-red sweaters and no drawn out chasing scenes from clumsy burn victims — but it wasn’t a Field of Dreams, either: Kevin Costner never made an appearance, and it seemed most times the only people gathering from afar came to ask how excited we were. Keep Reading


Letter from the President

I get the impression that to the Student Body, the Board of Trustees seems like this large, mysterious body — a group of people who no one really understands. We, as students, sense that they are significant, but we are not really sure why. I asked a few individuals what they knew about the Board of Trustees and here were a few of the responses: “I know they meet,” “not much,” and “it’s a group of people with a lot of money.” Keep Reading


5 Lies Christians Believe About Dating

Jenny Hudalla | Editor-in-Chief Published in Issue 12 of The Clarion 2014 – 2015 When it comes to dating, today’s young people are hit with a hurricane of well- intentioned advice. Besides fielding endless questions about relationship goals, post- graduation on plans and marriage, college couples have to sort through a stack of pointers that will supposedly help them achieve roman c success. But some of these pearls of wisdom are not jewels at all — in fact, some of the so-called truths that have been imparted to me and my boyfriend of six years during our time at a Christian college have been unhealthy, untrue and outright dangerous. Here are just a few pieces of advice we’ve learned to stay away from: You should complete each other. In a culture that glorifies grand romantic gestures, it’s no surprise that the phrase “you complete me” makes most of us swoon. While… Keep Reading

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