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Columnist: Samuel Krueger

The Freshman Survival Guide

By: Sam Krueger Top 7 Things Every Freshman Needs No. 3 Lead Pencil This may seem like a no brainer, but not only are these good to write with, they can be stuck in the ear canal, eraser first, as a way to block out your upstair neighbors’ 4 a.m. band practice. A portable cellphone charger This is useful for the required freshman intro courses that you will inevitably spend 100% of on your phone. A parakeet Commonly used by 19th century miners to test air toxicity, the parakeet has become an essential safety device for any dorm that contains more than one college level athlete. A guitar For 4 a.m. band practice. 60 dollars cash Even though your friend Chad says that cryptocurrency is the way of the future, having physical cash at your disposal never hurt anyone. Your wits Important, but commonly left at home, your wits will… Keep Reading


Opinion: introverts face welcome week

By: Emily Jan and Jasmine Johnson As our van pulled up to the curb, the Welcome Week crew cheered at the top of their lungs. I (Emily) was rushed into Bodien as the people around me screamed my room number while bringing all my beloved belongings to my new room. The experience was much more enthusiastic, loud, and overwhelming than I had expected. Although Welcome Week was fun for me, it was also hard because I am half extroverted and half introverted. No matter how much energy and enthusiasm returning students and faculty exhibit during Welcome Week, the response to the excitement is not always mutual. With the crammed schedules and nonstop social interaction, these first few days can be very overwhelming for anyone looking to take in their new surroundings slowly. When arriving at the dorms for the first time, swarms of people move every belonging from the family… Keep Reading


Nothing good happens after midnight

Giving meaning to recycled advice. By: Jamie Hudalla  | Freelancer Here I am: a worldly, wisdom-laden senior writing to you so that you can successfully soak up your college experience. If you thought getting through that first sentence was hard, good luck with the next four years. If sarcasm daunts you, good luck with the remainder of this column. Though I would score low on the sentimental scale, I’ve reflected on the last three years and wondered how they slipped by without my appreciation. I’m going to unpack the things you should pay attention to, so you don’t have to write a column senior year about how you wished you learned them sooner.   If you’re a freshman, prepare to understand one-third of this. If you’re a senior, put on your rose-colored glasses and reminisce with me. If you’re anything in between, you’re metaphorically the middle child and don’t matter.… Keep Reading


The following is an opinion piece and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Clarion, its staff or the institution. If you would like to submit a response or an opinion piece of your own, please contact Keep Reading

Letter from the editor

By Maddie DeBlizan On Jan. 5, I stepped off a New York City-bound plane and caught a turbulent taxi ride to 10 Hanover Square in lower Manhattan. I didn’t know a soul. I clutched my handheld alarm in my coat pocket the entire ride, just as my grandmother had instructed — just in case the taxi driver turned out to be a serial killer. The following four months, I waffled between sheer wonder and utter fear. But that’s how New York City works: one second you’re on top of the world, and the next second you’re clutching your personal alarm in your coat pocket, or stepping in dog poop with your brand new shoes, or running from a bearded man who is fast-approaching you with a sign that reads “free hugs”. One time, a woman next to me on the subway candidly reached into her bag and handed me a… Keep Reading


Christian political involvement as an act of love

The following is an opinion piece and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Clarion, its staff or the institution. If you would like to submit a response or an opinion piece of your own, please contact By Fred Van Geest Why should Christians be politically engaged?  Because Jesus tells us that the second greatest commandment is to love our neighbors as ourselves (Matthew 22:9).  Our neighbors include everyone, but the Scriptures give special attention to those who are needy, like widows, orphans, foreigners and the poor.  Of course, there are many ways to show love to our neighbors, but political engagement is one important way. There are several reasons why thinking about political life in this way makes sense.  First, there are countless practical ways political engagement lets us show our love. For example, we show love for abused children when we insist on fair laws to… Keep Reading

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