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  • Committing social sciences

    Alumni and faculty gathered to commemorate the closing of the Department of Anthropology, Sociology and Reconciliation Studies By Elena Vaughn… Keep Reading

  • More than a Bible study

    By Zach Walker 162 Minnesota Hispanics attended the 7th Spanish-Speaking Seminar for Pastors and Leaders March 30, with the next… Keep Reading

  • Faculty load adjustments

    Provost Deb Harless presented the recommendations and results of the Faculty Load and Structure Working Group in reducing expenses to… Keep Reading

  • Talking about the tension

    Conversations arise around a recent statement released from the BTS department. By Sam Johnson On May 1, the Bethel faculty… Keep Reading

  • $5 within 5 miles

    By Taylor Fondie College students are often running tight on money and time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy… Keep Reading

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  • More than a Bible study

    By Zach Walker 162 Minnesota Hispanics attended the 7th Spanish-Speaking Seminar for Pastors and Leaders March 30, with the next… Keep Reading

  • Built-in best friends

    Halle and Hadley Rittgers share what it’s like to be twins Interview and photo by Laura Osterlund Who is older?… Keep Reading

  • Transforming Bethel’s DNA

    Chief Diversity Officer Ruben Rivera discusses exclusive Christianity and tackles what it means to be a reconciler amidst diversity in… Keep Reading

  • A 1950s Hangover

    Ring by spring culture is reminiscent of the 1950s. By Josh Towner Graduation in May. Wedding next February. Then, life.… Keep Reading

  • A life without taste

    Bethel University freshman uses a rare diagnosis as motivation to become a nurse. By Kate Holstein Anna Bruno managed to… Keep Reading



What I Learned From Sankofa: “Don’t Assume You Know Everything”

  The following is an opinion piece and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Clarion or of Bethel University. If you are interested in responding or contributing an opinion piece of your own to the Clarion, please contact Editor-In-Chief Jared Nelson at Rachel Forde | The Clarion I could sum up my two degrees and combined eight years of education in cross-cultural ministry in one phrase: “Don’t assume you know everything just because you’re white.” I needed every one of those eight years to learn that lesson and I still miss the mark as often as I hit it. It’s hard to see your own ethnocentrism when you have spent your whole life being told, explicitly and implicitly, that your culture is the pinnacle of human civilization. It’s embedded in our very language: “First-world vs. Third-world.” “Developed vs. Developing.” “Civilized vs. Savage.” Most of our labeling others seems to… Keep Reading


Road to Reconciliation

Abby Peterson | The Clarion Led by Bethel professor Karen McKinney, Bethel seminary alum and Mohican Jim Bear Jacobs and student Conor Rasmusen, the spring break Sankofa trip focused on traveling to both current and sacred Native American sites, including renowned Ojibwe author Jim Northrup’s home on the Fond du Lac Reservation, Pipestone National Memorial and Fort Snelling State Park. The group traveled to Reconciliation Park on March 16 to visit the mass execution site of 38 Dakota men in 1862. The execution remains the largest in US history. The park, a small scrap of land next to a Mankato city road, stood out from the city because of a white bison statue the size of a pick-up, placed where the hangings took place and a scroll-shaped sign flanked by stone benches that read “forgive everyone everything.” The trip brought the group back to the Twin Cities the cloudy day of… Keep Reading

Any League, Any Level

At the international, professional and collegiate level, fastpitch assistant Roman Foore has won. Kelly Hinseth| Staff Writer The ball from the Augsburg pitcher stung Micayla Moore in the elbow. Clutching her arm and holding back tears, the junior infielder prepares to take her base until she is interrupted by the umpire. “She leaned in,” the umpire declares. A strike is called on Moore. The softball field at Ona Orth Athletic Complex goes into a craze of commotion. Fans, players and coaches heckle the decision as Head Coach Penny Foore exits the dugout to argue the call. As she calmly and collectively argues with the umpire, another coach’s booming voice bursts from the dugout. “Are you kidding me? You are a clown, ump! Do your job! This is bull!” Assistant coach Roman Foore has now entered the field, screaming towards the umpire in opposition to the call that he has just made.… Keep Reading


Monday Morning Coffee: Cahoots Coffee Bar

Because everyone needs at least one cup of coffee on a Monday! Lexi Friesen | Social Media Editor Coffee Shop: Cahoots Coffee Bar Menu/Prices: I paid $4.09 for a white mocha. It wasn’t too sugary, but I could taste the white chocolate. It was the perfect temperature – it didn’t feel like my tongue was licking the devil himself, nor did I want to gag from the lukewarm warm drink. Good temperature coffee is something I have learned to not take for granted. Plus, the barista brought my drink to my table and put it in a ceramics mug, rather than a plastic to go cup. The quirky shop made me feel right at home. My friend, Hope Laroche, ordered a decaf chai tea. The cost was $3.61 and Hope agreed hers was also the perfect temperature. On a scale of one to ten (in comparison to Royal Grounds), Hope called… Keep Reading


Housing the Humanities

The Humanities program partners with Student Life to pilot Bethel’s first Living and Learning Community. Lauren Clyne | The Clarion There are big changes coming to the Humanities program, but not in structure or curriculum. The changes are coming in housing. Next fall, Humanities students will be put into groups of 15 to 25 and housed near each other in each residence hall. Humanities Teacher Assistants will be assigned to each freshman dorm to lead study sessions throughout the year. Professors will visit the groups on a rotating schedule for informal Q&A opportunities. The change is partly based on the estimated 10 percent of freshman students that drop the Humanities Program and switch to CWILT within the first month of classes. “The unique program tends to overwhelm students within the first month,” Director of the Humanities program Joey Horstman said. “We would like to retain those overwhelmed students rather than increase… Keep Reading


The Beginning of Progress

  A review of Mark Yarhouse’s sexuality talk from the perspective of a gay student Jonah Venegas | The Clarion The following is an opinion piece and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Clarion, its staff or the institution. If you would like to submit a response or an opinion piece of your own, please contact Editor in Chief Jared Nelson at Speed walking through the BC on my way to the Underground, I checked the time on my phone. It was already 8:01 p.m. on April 7 and I was late. I was a bit reluctant at first, but I was going to see Mark Yarhouse, a psychologist and professor from Regent University give a talk on sexuality. From what I had heard and read of him in the past, I wasn’t incredibly optimistic about the event, but the Underground was relatively full, so I slid into… Keep Reading


Do More. Get Hired.

  Bethel graduate John Griffith, ’84, turned a business degree into a VP position at Target Corporation and shares secrets to his success. Marissa Gamache | News Editor As a varsity football player, Campus Coordinator and Resident Assistant, John Griffith dipped into many different clubs and organizations while attending Bethel. Voted “Most Inspirational Player” four years in a row on the football team, Griffith had drive that distinguished him from the crowd. Griffith studied business and economics at Bethel and later pursued his MBA from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. He served as the Executive Vice  President of Property Development for Target Corporation. Griffith credits to many people in his life who were willing to support him during his times of doubt and struggle. “I wasn’t planning on going to college. I wanted to continue working; my parents begged me,” Griffith said. After working construction jobs throughout… Keep Reading


Bethel Wellness Center: Up and Running

Wellness Center strives to cement status as the premier health center at Bethel. Godfrey Mpetey | The Clarion On Oct. 12, 2015, Bethel University ushered in the long-awaited Wellness Center (WLC). The Bethel community’s implementation of a facility to replace its dated facility aims to administer health, fitness, nutrition and wellness to the entire Bethel community. The sprawling 11,000 sq. ft facility offers workout space on two levels, fitting 37 pieces of cardio exercise equipment and numerous weight training and free weight stations on the lower level, the Penz Strength Center. A fitness studio located on the second level provides an environment for the community to join classes such as yoga, Zumba and kickboxing. In addition, Biokinetics calls the WLC home as the third level expands space for assessment areas and classrooms. Five months after it opened, the WLC continues to promote health and wellness on campus to students. “Our goal… Keep Reading

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