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A Motherly Movement

It seems you can’t turn a corner at Bethel without being reminded of a seminar or club. Bright paint and markers are splayed across windows advertising symposiums and stairwells are adorned with posters marketing upcoming events. There is one program, however, that manages to fly under the radar. Keep Reading

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Bauer’s Back to Bethel

Levi Bauer is a familiar sight in the halls of Bethel, speeding past streams of people in his power chair and leaving his nurses to catch up. The junior is often found attending Bethel athletic events, and is known for his love of the Vikings. He was diagnosed at birth with myotubular myopathy, a genetic neuromuscular disorder causing extreme muscle weakening. Because standing and walking are often difficult for those with the disorder, a wheelchair is often required. When a broken hip halted his arrival to Bethel this fall, many were left wondering his whereabouts. Keep Reading

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Will Found a Way

For Will Kornbaum, a 2011 graduate of Bethel, his college days gave him the tools to “wait in Christ,” and taught him the importance of building good rapport with everyone he meets. Today, Kornbaum is the Pastor of Student Ministries at Eagle Brook Church for the White Bear Lake campus. Keep Reading

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People of Bethel: Preston Huft

I had a friend when I was about 12 and we were both homeschooled with tons of free time. And I was fascinated that it was something different. I wasn’t athletically inclined or anything like that and so I was like, “Okay, I kind of enjoy the hand-eye coordination challenge that this presents.” It took a while to learn, I had the time so I was like, “Why not?” Keep Reading


Out with the Old

To a young sports fan growing up in the Twin Cities, the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome was sports heaven, a place where my dad and I could spontaneously purchase Twins tickets 10 minutes before the first pitch or plan a whole Sunday around tailgating before the Vikings game. Keep Reading


Reframing Engagement

I loved their questions the first time. Kasey and I have been married for six months, but engagement season still tastes like stale maple syrup in the back of my mouth. It’s not like our engagement was a Nightmare on Elm Street — too few black-and-red sweaters and no drawn out chasing scenes from clumsy burn victims — but it wasn’t a Field of Dreams, either: Kevin Costner never made an appearance, and it seemed most times the only people gathering from afar came to ask how excited we were. Keep Reading


Letter from the President

I get the impression that to the Student Body, the Board of Trustees seems like this large, mysterious body — a group of people who no one really understands. We, as students, sense that they are significant, but we are not really sure why. I asked a few individuals what they knew about the Board of Trustees and here were a few of the responses: “I know they meet,” “not much,” and “it’s a group of people with a lot of money.” Keep Reading

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“Living the Dream”

Some people may shy away from being the “go-to-person” at work, but not Minnesota Twins Ballpark Operations Assistant Chelsey Falzone. Having Target Field as your office may sound glamorous, but what most people don’t understand is that someone has to make it look that way. Falzone is that person. Whatever the ballpark needs, she does. If there’s an overflowing toilet, she solves the problem. If Terry Ryan wants feedback on how the team is playing, she gives it. Keep Reading


President Barnes talks about CCCU and Homosexuality to Faculty Senate

Perched directly across from a gaping hole in the oval of faculty, Bethel’s president Jay Barnes wore an ominous look, showing little excitement for the coming conversation. President Barnes had one hour to address the faculty senate meeting about his letter, co-authored with Scott Ridout, president of Converge Ministries addressing the churches affiliated with Converge Ministries. Their letter was an affirmation to churches’ congregation that both Bethel and Converge, in the wake of uncertainty with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), would continue to hold fast in the traditional beliefs of marriage between one man and one woman. Keep Reading


Does Anybody Hear Me?

For music students, the risks of hearing loss seem obvious. Yet, I’ve almost always been the only person wearing earplugs in all my musical activities. Keep Reading

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