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  • Committing social sciences

    Alumni and faculty gathered to commemorate the closing of the Department of Anthropology, Sociology and Reconciliation Studies By Elena Vaughn… Keep Reading

  • More than a Bible study

    By Zach Walker 162 Minnesota Hispanics attended the 7th Spanish-Speaking Seminar for Pastors and Leaders March 30, with the next… Keep Reading

  • Faculty load adjustments

    Provost Deb Harless presented the recommendations and results of the Faculty Load and Structure Working Group in reducing expenses to… Keep Reading

  • Talking about the tension

    Conversations arise around a recent statement released from the BTS department. By Sam Johnson On May 1, the Bethel faculty… Keep Reading

Culture, Arts & Lifestyle

  • More than a Bible study

    By Zach Walker 162 Minnesota Hispanics attended the 7th Spanish-Speaking Seminar for Pastors and Leaders March 30, with the next… Keep Reading

  • Built-in best friends

    Halle and Hadley Rittgers share what it’s like to be twins Interview and photo by Laura Osterlund Who is older?… Keep Reading

  • Transforming Bethel’s DNA

    Chief Diversity Officer Ruben Rivera discusses exclusive Christianity and tackles what it means to be a reconciler amidst diversity in… Keep Reading

  • A 1950s Hangover

    Ring by spring culture is reminiscent of the 1950s. By Josh Towner Graduation in May. Wedding next February. Then, life.… Keep Reading

  • A life without taste

    Bethel University freshman uses a rare diagnosis as motivation to become a nurse. By Kate Holstein Anna Bruno managed to… Keep Reading



The New Big Man on Campus

Transfer freshman making big impact on men’s basketball team. Jason Stormer | Sports Editor The moment a child utters its first words can be an endearing moment for any parent. Not only is this considered a communication milestone for little ones as they absorb all the information their new world provides them, but it is also just flat out adorable. Just ask any loving parent what their child’s first words were and the memory will come to them quicker than the world record for the fastest diaper change. So when the infantile and current freshman player for the Bethel men’s basketball team, Derek Magnuson, shared his first words with his parents, he could have gone with textbook words like “Mama” or “Dada”, but he had more important things to say. “My first phrase was “ball, shoot, hoop,” Magnuson said. It turns out baby Derek may have been foreshadowing how the… Keep Reading


Double Trouble

Strong goaltending giving the Bethel women’s hockey team a dynamic duo. Jason Stormer | Sports Editor When goaltender Erika Allen transferred to Augsburg following the 2013-14 season, it left the netminder situation for the Bethel women’s hockey team up in the air heading into 2014-15. Caitlin Dantzscher, Allen’s backup, did not return for her junior season and the only other goalies on the team were unproven freshmen, Maggie Straka and Michelle Klimstra. Coming off of two seasons that brought home spots on the MIAC All-Rookie and All-Conference teams, Allen’s departure left the 2014-15 team with big skates to fill. The coaches had no choice but to turn to one of the freshman, giving Klimstra the nod in their regular season opener. She proceeded to shutout UW-Eau Claire in her first career start and earn her own spot on the MIAC All-Rookie team with a 2.00 goals against average and .905… Keep Reading

Culture Arts & Lifestyle

People of Bethel

As a passionate Christian who lived in Jordan for nine years before coming to Bethel University, one might presume psychology major Heidi Hankin maintains huge and definite plans for her future. But conversation over cocoa on an overcast Monday afternoon parted the clouds on a perspective one might not expect. Keep Reading


Profanity in the Theatre

The following is an opinion piece and does not reflect the views of The Clarion. If you would like to submit an opinion piece in response or on another topic, please email Editor-In-Chief Jared Nelson at Emma Martin | Freelance If you recently saw Bethel’s production of “God of Isaac”, you may have noticed swear words as well as sexual innuendos. In response, you may ask, “why would Bethel allow such a thing?” As a Teacher’s Assistant for the theatre section of Introduction to the Creative Arts, I’ve read responses and thoughts on the show as a whole from Bethel students, and often there is mention of feeling uncomfortable due to the language and content. Now, I was raised in a Christian home and was taught that cussing was frowned upon as well as making sexual references. It was down right inappropriate and even sinful. Therefore, I can understand… Keep Reading


The Privilege of Ignorance and the Danger in Security

The following is an opinion piece and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Clarion and its staff. If you have response or an opinion you’d like to see published, please contact Editor-in-Chief Jared Nelson at Cherie Suonvieri | Freelance As a white woman born and raised in the United States, I have the privilege of ignorance. I have the ability to choose whether or not I want to follow what has happened in Beirut, Paris, Ferguson, or even what’s happening in Minneapolis. If I keep up on the news, I’m considered informed. But if I don’t, the only thing I might lose is a bit of pride in social situations. I come from a culture that idolizes security. This was demonstrated to me by the overwhelming concern for our well-being, poured out by our parents and loved ones back home when we (a group of 25 study… Keep Reading


Eyes Open Abroad

International crises such as the terrorist attacks in Paris and the movement of Syrian refugees impact study abroad programs. Keep Reading


A World Apart

Syrian immigrant and longtime dining center worker fears for loved ones back home and sheds light on crisis of her people. Sarah Nelson | Staff Writer Fayzah Sattout lets out an infectious laugh and explains how her favorite time of the year is Ramadan, a holiday recognized by Muslims as a time of fasting. She’s no stranger to working shifts in the Dining Center without eating or drinking all day, and jokes about enjoying fewer bathroom breaks because of it. She recalls winning a $250 prize one August during a Sodexo meeting to prepare for the upcoming school year. Because the money was meant to buy food, she couldn’t accept the prize. But Sattout always presents her faith in a dignified manner. “I’m proud of my religion,” Sattout, a devout Muslim said. Sattout grew up in Syria, where she attended a university and earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. In… Keep Reading

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