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Building a Future

It’s not unheard of for colleges to offer classes for students with intellectual handicaps. This year, however, Bethel became the first accredited university to add the residential component as a part of what is called the BUILD program. Keep Reading


Dr. Washington’s Way

It’s 8 a.m. as members of Bethel Student Government, Welcome Week, Shift and Pray First bust through the doors of BC 468 ready to move in the new Bethel freshmen. Keep Reading


A Call to Reconcile

On Monday, September 21, Bethel’s Student Senate meeting had a significantly higher attendance than usual. Senate was being asked by United Cultures of Bethel to “step up” and pass a bill that would fund the Cultural Connections Center. The requested money would go toward a variety of resources including books and artifacts as part of the addition. Keep Reading

Culture Arts & Lifestyle

The Suite Life

For the first time in Bethel history, freshmen students are living in Lissner, in a six-person suite-style dorm that has previously been reserved for sophomore and upperclassmen housing. Keep Reading

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