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  • Committing social sciences

    Alumni and faculty gathered to commemorate the closing of the Department of Anthropology, Sociology and Reconciliation Studies By Elena Vaughn… Keep Reading

  • More than a Bible study

    By Zach Walker 162 Minnesota Hispanics attended the 7th Spanish-Speaking Seminar for Pastors and Leaders March 30, with the next… Keep Reading

  • Faculty load adjustments

    Provost Deb Harless presented the recommendations and results of the Faculty Load and Structure Working Group in reducing expenses to… Keep Reading

  • Talking about the tension

    Conversations arise around a recent statement released from the BTS department. By Sam Johnson On May 1, the Bethel faculty… Keep Reading

Culture, Arts & Lifestyle

  • More than a Bible study

    By Zach Walker 162 Minnesota Hispanics attended the 7th Spanish-Speaking Seminar for Pastors and Leaders March 30, with the next… Keep Reading

  • Built-in best friends

    Halle and Hadley Rittgers share what it’s like to be twins Interview and photo by Laura Osterlund Who is older?… Keep Reading

  • Transforming Bethel’s DNA

    Chief Diversity Officer Ruben Rivera discusses exclusive Christianity and tackles what it means to be a reconciler amidst diversity in… Keep Reading

  • A 1950s Hangover

    Ring by spring culture is reminiscent of the 1950s. By Josh Towner Graduation in May. Wedding next February. Then, life.… Keep Reading

  • A life without taste

    Bethel University freshman uses a rare diagnosis as motivation to become a nurse. By Kate Holstein Anna Bruno managed to… Keep Reading


Culture Arts & Lifestyle

Sophomore Switch

A week into her sophomore year, Molly O’Toole was unpacked and ready to begin her second year at St. Mary’s University in Winona, Minn. Those plans changed drastically after one phone call, when she learned the head coach of the women’s basketball team would not be returning for the upcoming season. With this in mind, O’Toole packed her things and headed for Arden Hills. Keep Reading

Culture Arts & Lifestyle

Winter’s Tale

Professor Scott Winter has done what most professors only dream of — he put into action what he teaches. In this case, it’s journalism. He left the comfort of his desk and set out to employ the numerous writing lessons he’d given his students. He set out to write a book. Keep Reading

Culture Arts & Lifestyle

Curtain Calling

Kathy Nevins leads her fellow cast mates in prayer and warm-ups before rehearsal begins in the black box theater for Bethel’s fall production: God of Isaac by James Sherman. At age 66, the Bethel psychology professor of over 30 years is pursuing a B.A. in Theatre Arts, having performed in roughly 25 Bethel theater productions. Keep Reading


The things we do for (One)-Love

“It’s the Cane’s sauce really,” junior Nick Stern said. “Because at 5 a.m. when it was freezing, I was asking myself if it was worth it, but now that it’s over, I would do it again.” Keep Reading


Senior says he experienced police brutality first hand

Freshman RA Justin Giuliano arrested and jailed in Ferguson, Missouri over Fall Break. Jenny Hudalla | Editor-in-Chief Jared Nelson | Sports Editor Published in Issue 4 of The Clarion year 2014-2015 It was after 3 a.m. on Oct. 12, and a bleary-eyed Jus n Giuliano was staring at the inside of a jail cell in Ferguson, Missouri. Just a few hours earlier, his a empt at a peaceful sit-in outside of a QuikTrip gas station on had been met with police officers dressed in riot gear. “They formed a wall around us,” said Giuliano, who had linked arms with 18 others in protest of the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager who was shot multiple times by white police officer Darren Wilson. “[There were] probably 100 guys with riot shields, batons, mace, tear gas and a BearCat armored vehicle. They kept saying, ‘This is unlawful assembly,’ and every me… Keep Reading


The Mystery Letter

Senior Kristi Lauwers woke up to a crisp Friday morning in her little house off campus. For the outside hitter on the Royal volleyball team, that meant game day and no classes. She reached over to her bedside table and grabbed her glasses. Then her phone buzzed. Keep Reading

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