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Dr. Corrow leads research in face blindness

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Bethel University professor Dr. Sherryse Corrow sheds light on not-so-rare cognitive disorder.  By Emma Eidsvoog A woman walked onto an elevator with a stranger. The door closed and after a few moments she began to recognize the features of the man. Maybe it was the color of his hair, or the way he stood or what he was wearing that made her realize the elevator stranger was her brother. This situation is common for people living with face blindness, or the inability to recognize faces. Technically named prosopagnosia, face blindness affects about 2 percent of the population and Bethel University psychology professor Sherryse Corrow is a leading expert in the disorder. She has spent 10 years of her life researching prosopagnosia to better understand it and raise awareness. If someone suspects they have prosopagnosia a doctor may not have a way to diagnose them or may not even know the…

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