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Love Series: I’ll be the spinster

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(EDITOR’S NOTE: Sarah Nelson wrote this piece for her Arts & Culture class and submitted it to the New York Times’ Modern Love College Essay Contest. We thought you’d be interested in the issues Nelson raises. –Maddy Simpson.) What it’s like to be a modern member of the times and also a modern member of the church, but belonging nowhere when it comes to love and relationships. By Sarah Nelson | Feature Reporter Roughly two years ago, a dorm floor of freshmen women sat around a rectangular table at the Spaghetti Factory in North Minneapolis. The two baskets of breadsticks atop the white tablecloth had been thoroughly picked through before the new resident assistant spoke. “What are some of your biggest fears?” she asked. A pregnant pause ensued. “Never getting married,” two girls said at the same time. I nearly choked on my Caesar salad. They couldn’t be serious. “Yeah, if I…

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Overcoming colorblindness on the path to beloved community

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Professor Amy Lary White shares the research she’s done on overcoming racial differences in white communities during Primetime in the Bethel library. Maddie Danovsky | Freelance Social work professor Amy Lary White has spent most of her career exploring what she calls “colorblindness,” or the lack of awareness white people have for the racial issues facing their society. “All of us have defense mechanisms … that can create a lack of awareness” White said. On Tuesday, White spoke in the Bethel University library about her findings on this topic as part of a recurring event called Primetime. Primetime is a program hosted by Bethel’s library meant to feature speakers on topics relevant to the community such as teaching, service and study abroad. Primetime typically takes place Tuesdays or Thursdays at 10:15 a.m. One of the defense mechanisms White talked about Tuesday is denial, in which privileged people refuse to acknowledge the inequalities. Another is…

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