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Bob Goff speaks love into Bethel community

Bestselling author and speaker discusses the importance of authenticity and being present By Emma Harville Crowds of excited students gathered in front of Benson Great Hall almost an hour before chapel was scheduled to begin Friday morning, clutching copies of Bob Goff’s New York Times bestselling book Love Does and hoping to get as close as they could to the author and speaker known for his goofy smile and infectious laugh. Goff walked on stage wearing his iconic Red Sox cap and a mood ring on his finger, speaking to a packed audience about the importance of authenticity. Minutes later when his cell phone rang, he tossed it into the crowd, asking a student to turn it off as he yelled out the passcode. “Now you know the password of every bank account I’ve got,” he said. Goff challenged the audience to take genuine interest in people, including enemies and… Keep Reading


Presidential candidates debate

BSG Candidate pairs share their opinions and goals for their presidential campaigns. By Jasmine Johnson “Riptide” by Vance Joy echoed against the walls of the Underground Monday night as two candidate pairs running for Bethel Student Government leadership took the stage for a public debate. Bags of fresh popcorn and BSG notepads laid on a fold-out table and students started to trickle in, completely filling the set tables. Current Student Body President Kennadie Anderson and Vice President Lucas Bentrud sat across from candidates Sean Doherty and Kristina Curtis with Executive Director of Student Senate Josh Turek moderating the questions. In the informational handout provided to the audience, both candidate pairs were provided the space to state their goals and hopes for their presidential terms. “We are passionate about advocating for those who feel that they don’t have a place or voice at Bethel and aspire to make Bethel a better… Keep Reading


Suited for simplicity

Freshman Seth Haskin embodies the old days one suit at a time. By Zach Walker Seth Haskin spied on two families from a Dennys’ booth. Holding the laminated menu, he glanced from pair to pair, split by era, trapped motionless in only two dimensions. On one side sat a father and son adorned in the fashion of the 1950s. A three-piece suit and striped polo ordering dinner. Across from them, a similar family sat 60 years in the future. Haskin, adorned in a suit and tie, his daily garb, grinned at the older pair. The grin remained as he ordered a bacon cheeseburger. Haskin, a freshman at Bethel University, looks out of place. Surrounded by ripped jeans and hoodies, he walks the halls like a Dickens character would walk a cobblestone path. A top hat is placed firmly upon his head in the winter. Bow tie and suspenders always. “Everything… Keep Reading


BUILDing Relationships

By Carmen Syverson John Chouinard sat at Buffalo Wild Wings this fall semester with both first-year and second-year BUILD students. They all looked at him. Students he had just met. And students whom Chouinard reminded to do laundry every Monday night. Chouinard could see the growth in his second-year students and the potential of the first-year students all around one table on that fall evening. Chouinard, a junior at Bethel University, just filled out his application to be a BUILD housing mentor for the third year in a row. During Chouinard’s freshman year, he received an email from the BUILD program asking for applicants to be BUILD housing mentors. With no plans for roommates in place, Chouinard took the email as a sign to apply for a kind of housing situation that would look different from his classmates. Before coming to Bethel, Chouinard attended a small high school in Colorado… Keep Reading


Freshman mom

Brittanie Blume’s journey of being a full-time student and a full-time parent. By Sara Dvorak Brittanie Blume dropped two pregnancy tests and a Butterfinger peanut butter cup on the conveyor belt. She teetered in line at the new Dollar General in Grantsburg, WI. Since no one she knew worked there, no one would be in on the secret. She threw the Butterfinger on the conveyor belt as an afterthought. That way, if anyone asked, she could say she went to the store to get some chocolate. She got into her black 2007 Dodge Charger. Her hands shook as she drove exactly one mile to her house. Her sister was the only one home, and she was asleep on the charcoal couch. “Ok, I’m fine,” Blume thought. She set her timer for 10 minutes and perched on the edge of the folded-down toilet seat. Her mind was as empty as a… Keep Reading


Next step forward

Bethel community members discuss the process of finding President Jay Barnes’ successor. By Sam Johnson Faculty and administration filed into the Underground Tuesday morning to get an update on the search process for President Jay Barnes’ successor. Barnes announced in a special chapel Feb. 28 his plans to retire in June 2020. At the gathering, President Barnes spoke about his level of trust in the upcoming search committee. “I have great confidence in our board of trustees in the way they will guide this search,” he said. Board of Trustees chair Julie White spoke about the responsibilities of the search committee. She acknowledged that this process of selecting the right candidate will take time. “We are starting work today, we are not finishing work today,” she said. White also mentioned that search committee chair Jim Green came to her like a gift from God. “Jim was my answer to prayer,”… Keep Reading


Sex-trafficking survivors tackle modern-day slavery

Speaker and founder of Rebecca Bender Initiative, Bender offers support to other survivors through recovery in her program. By Emma Harville Rebecca Bender woke up and rose out of bed as the sun slowly reached its way across the horizon. Her daughters slept peacefully in the other room as she sipped her coffee and began her daily devotions. An all too familiar vile feeling began to creep up inside of her as the sun’s rays washed over her. In another life, sunrise had signaled that it was time to go “home” to a master manipulator and controller after a long night of working. It was time to go home to her trafficker. “I felt like the Lord said, ‘How can you sit here in your warm house with your nice cup of coffee when you know what it’s like to be more afraid to go home than you are to… Keep Reading


A Rhoad(s) map

Music professor Mark Rhoads reflects on his time here at Bethel University as retirement nears. By Nick LaFrombois Mark Rhoads sat fence-side in his launch chair on a bright, sunny day as he waited for his daughter Allison to compete. The smell of horse sweat and manure fills the air. Dressed in boot-cut jeans, a white-frilled western shirt and an old beat-up cowboy hat, Allison sits on her chestnut colored horse, hooves stamping in place in anticipation. She takes off, and the race is over in five seconds. No matter how short the memory is, for music professor Dr. Mark Rhoads, the memory lasts a lifetime. These are some of Rhoads’ favorite memories with his daughter Allison. Hooking up the horse trailer to his 81’, ¾ ton, forestry green Dodge pickup, driving Allison and her horse, Rags, to various horse tracks around the Twin Cities to compete, and eating at… Keep Reading


President Jay Barnes announces retirement

On Thursday, February 28, Bethel University President Jay Barnes announced he’ll retire June 30, 2020, when his second six-year term concludes.  Jim Green, former board president and current board member, is heading the search committee for the next president.  Prior to the announcement, Benson Great Hall bustled with nervous excitement as faculty, staff, administration, board members and students gathered for an unusual event. 35 members of the Board of Trustees, along with members of the Board of Governors, sat on the left-most side section of Benson Great Hall as the chapel commenced. Groups of students, parents and community members sat scattered among the Great Hall as President Barnes began to speak. As Barnes took the stage, photos flashed across the screen of himself, evolving from a youthful provost to a bald, photoshopped version of himself. March 5, a community gathering will discuss the next steps.  “I know that we have… Keep Reading


Catholics in community

After months of organizing, a new Catholic-centered club on campus begins. By Sam Johnson If you walked into The Loft on the fourth floor of the Brushaber Commons last night, you would not have heard silence. Sounds of laughter, worship music and tumbling Jenga blocks bounced off the three walls and garage door. Tables topped with board games, coloring sheets and ice cream welcomed students to the Catholic Students Association (CSA) kickoff event. For a campus that prides itself on instilling Christian values, this is the first Catholic-centered club being offered to students. Since the university doesn’t provide a designated shuttle to any mass service, junior elementary education student Grace Nichols wanted to make a group that reached out to Catholics on campus. When she came to Bethel as a freshman, Nichols found that she was not fitting in. As a Catholic, she felt marginalized. She felt that in some… Keep Reading

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