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Recruiting a community

Football coaches seek specific fits for Bethel athletics.  By Aaron Herbst A blizzard covers the quaint town of Yuma, Colorado. A fresh coat of snow blankets the road. Glaring ice an ever-present threat as the howling wind pushes against the side of Scott Kirchoff’s car like an offensive line doing sled drills. A strong gust pushes the white Ford Focus towards the shoulder, and Kirchoff yanks the wheel back to avoid the steep ditch that lies in waiting. Kirchoff, Bethel University’s former assistant football coach, thinks that he is on the way to Woody’s restaurant to meet the next starting quarterback for the Bethel Royals, because that’s who he was told he was meeting. However, waiting for him is a 300 lb. offensive lineman named John Chouinard and his mother, Margaret. As a recruiter for the Bethel football team, Kirchoff scans the small diner looking for what he thinks a… Keep Reading


The looming risk

Letting go of something heavy feels good – usually.   By Maddie DeBilzan | Sports Reporter The hammer throw happens within seconds, but those who watch it are mesmerized. At this particular meet on Saturday April 29, the 40-degree air blushed the athletes’ cheeks and chattered the teeth of little sisters wrapped in blankets. It’s game time. Weather doesn’t change a thing. There’s a formula. A routine. There’s the shaking of muscles and throat-clearing and neck-cracking. There’s this tension in the thrower’s shoulders and lungs and back and core — if you look close enough, you’ll see it. The tension pulls on the gravity. It hushes the silence to a full-on standstill. It makes mothers hold their breaths and dogs attached to leashes sniff the air for an answer. Then the swings come and although you’re too far away to feel the breeze, the goosebumps make you think otherwise. One, two, three, the… Keep Reading


Building a future for disc golf

Bethel University’s brand new disc golf course attracts professional competition. By McKenzie Van Loh and Godfrey Mpetey | Additional reporting by Josh Towner Professional disc golfer Chris Porter approaches the tee pad. He furrows his brow as he inspects the concrete surface through his dark-rimmed glasses. Too much sand. He hastily reaches for his straw broom and begins to sweep away the competition-or the dirt they left on the tee pad that is. Excess sand can lead to slipping during the final step of the throw, and Porter will not take that chance while competing in Bethel University’s first PDGA sanctioned disc golf tournament. The tournament, hosted April 22-23 attracted disc golfers from Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Canada. 100 amateurs competed April 22 and 60 pros competed April 23. Every spot in the tournament filled. Theology professor Jim Beilby, alongside manager of grounds Josh Gerth, had proposed plans for… Keep Reading


Racial diversity and athletics

Bethel student-athletes of color wrestle ways Bethel may foster a community fit for student-athletes of color. By Godfrey Mpetey | Sports Reporter In September, Kresge Courtyard highlighted the ignition of campus-wide conversations on race relations on campus. A rock painted by students from the Cultural Connection Center (CCC) to show solidarity with students of color at University of Northwestern, covered in white paint, spread with messages such as “Blue Lives Matter” and “BLM = Double Standards.” Football and track athlete Baeza Tensaie, alongside several players of Bethel football team, wished to display unity among the Royals have with their community. To create a prominent statement as a team, the group of players asked teammates to link arms together during the national anthem prior to the team’s homecoming game against St. John’s University. Their request came with resistance from other teammates. A frustrated Tensaie felt as some teammates could not see things from… Keep Reading

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