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Editor-in-Chief: Emma Harville, 21, is a senior organizational communications major and journalism minor who loves cinnamon scones, greek mythology and falling asleep to Planet Earth on Netflix. She has yet to spend a day at the beach without getting a severe sunburn.
emma-harville@bethel.edu | 651-955-1250



Managing Editor:Molly Korzenowki, 21, is a senior journalism and graphic design major who is never seen without nine rings. She likes to run on the treadmill late at night, she paints her denim jackets and owns one of those DVD cases carrying all of her favorite movies.
molly-korzenowski@bethel.edu | 715-222-7353


200824_staffheadshots_gottschalk07News Editor: Laura Osterlund, 21, is a senior journalism major with minors in Spanish and media production. She can be found playing Ultimate Frisbee on one of her several teams, binge-watching Survivor or The Office and consuming too much popcorn, of which she considers herself a connoisseur.
laura-osterlund@bethel.edu | 651-600-2859



News Reporter: Rachel Blood, 18, is a freshman journalism and English literature/writing double major with a minor in creative writing. She can be found consuming unhealthy amounts of Caribou mochas, wearing clothes with pockets, and melting every time she sees a dog.
rsb69653@bethel.edu | 651-600-7757

200824_staffheadshots_gottschalk06Lifestyle Editor: Zach Walker, 20, is a journalism and organizational communication major who once listened to the Spongebob Squarepants theme song 100 times in a row. He likes picking orange in Settlers of Catan, water skiing while his dad drives the boat, and keeping his room clean like a very good boy. Talk to him about Oscar nominees, backpacking, or why he always goes over the word limit.
zach-walker@bethel.edu | 715-928-1726


Lifestyle Reporter: Elena Vaughn, 21, is a senior English Literature and Writing major. You can find her in the BC study chairs, usually listening to the second playlist of the week and attempting to get ahead on the reading for the week
egv77273@bethel.edu 651-247-4124


Sports Editor: Abby Pautz, 21, is a senior journalism major and media production minor. She is an avid animal rights supporter and lover of buying clothes to improve her mood, owning way too many graphic tees. She also treats herself to ice cream more than she should while also trying to avoid dairy because, well, animal rights.
aap83829@bethel.edu | 763-269-1440


200824_staffheadshots_gottschalk10Design Editor: Will Jacott, 22, is a senior graphic design major and business minor. He enjoys thrift shopping, staying caffeinated, and listening to the cars soundtrack. He will give $20 to anyone who can guess what the key on his necklace opens.
wmj98247@bethel.edu | 763-898-7618


Section Designer: Josh Eller, 21, is a senior graphic design and art major. He likes an excessive amount of food. He is originally from Guatemala and Spain. He loves traveling – he has been to over 30 countries but he doesn’t want you to know that. India was his favorite. (Suck it France). He’s never broken a bone, but he has stitches in his mouth. He has partial feeling loss in the face, and he has very soft ears. He would get his cartilage pierced if he could. He loves movies, and only owns 3 pairs of pants. He used to play the clarinet but he doesn’t anymore.
jje99489@bethel.edu| 612-559-8280


Section Designer: Vada


200824_staffheadshots_gottschalk13Lead Photographer: Emma Gottschalk, 21, is a senior art and graphic design double major. She enjoys dad music – anything from the 70’s or 80’s. She is trying to become fluent in spanish, but it’s not going so bueno. She loves photojournalism because she is passionate about telling peoples stories.
emma-gottschalk@bethel.edu | 651-592-4870



Section Photographer: Vanna



Copy Editor: Jhenna Becker, 21, is a junior English Literature/Writing and Journalism major with a minor in photojournalism. She likes to obsess over fictional characters, buy unnecessary merch, and drink an exhaustive amount of coffee that would make Lorelai Gilmore proud. that’s it that’s all that is interesting

jhb43669@bethel.edu | 612-508-9712


Columnist: Morgan Day, 20, is a junior English Literature & Writing and Communication Arts & Literature Education double major with a minor in Creative Writing. When she isn’t writing (and let’s be real, with two English majors, when isn’t she writing…) you can find her bouncing between coffee shops pretending to get work done, listening to Fine Line and Folklore, or wandering through the aisles of Target.
morgan-day@bethel.edu | 952-807-1762



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