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Editor-in-Chief: Abby Petersen, 21, is the Editor-in-Chief of The Clarion this year. As a senior journalism major, she hopes to bring light to topics that don’t get talked about, even if they’re uncomfortable, and pursue ethical, compassionate storytelling. In her free time, she checks out too many library books, watches sitcoms and travels to South Dakota. Her go-to news source is The New York Times.763-477-1367 | ajp87848@bethel.edu | @abbyafterall

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Managing Editor: Beret Leone, 21, is the managing editor of The Clarion. Being a senior this year, Leone hopes to graduate. She’s most passionate about people and their stories. And flash mobs. You’ll most likely find her drinking coffee, running or singing in the shower. Her go to news source is Skim and she probably owns more shoes than friends.

612-963-2785 | bel87589@bethel.edu | @grinandberet


Design Manager: Kendall Soderstrom, 21, is the design manager for The Clarion. A senior this year, Soderstrom is also involved in the Shift ministry, leading a bible study for freshman students in Bodien. She hopes to use her skills in graphic design to infuse more visual interest into each issue of The Clarion this school year. She is passionate about using design and creative thinking as a way to service other people. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, participating in intramural sports, and baking cupcakes. Her go-to source for news is USA TODAY.

763-746-6670 | kes59227@bethel.edu | @kendallsod


Web Manager: Jamie Hudalla, 20, is the web manager for The Clarion. She’s a junior English literature and writing major. She hopes to maintain the user-friendly site Tim Heck coded, and use her graphic design minor to create engaging visuals for online content. She’s passionate about social justice, fiction-writing, traveling and blues music. You’ll likely find her wolfing down a PB and J burger, watching a mafia documentary or angering the general populace as she attempts to drive. Her go-to news source is The New York Times.

715-410-4560 | jah69668@bethel.edu | @jamiehudalla

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Sports Editor: Josh Towner, 19, is the sports editor for The Clarion. A sophomore, Towner hopes to create entertaining content and encourage discussion about meaningful issues. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time outside, talking about sports and pretending to understand philosophy. He is passionate about making people laugh and telling stories. His go-to news source is The New York Times.

847-450-3723 | jdt52429@bethel.edu | @JoshTowner4Real


Culture, Arts and Lifestyle Editor: Bri Shaw, 20, is the culture, arts and lifestyle editor of The Clarion. She’s a junior journalism major, and works as a video production assistant for the Office of Marketing at Bethel. She’s passionate about telling stories in a visual way, and hopes to use her skills as a video editor and designer for The Clarion. You’ll most likely find her jamming out to Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” album, drinking way too much coffee or planning her wedding for 2019. Her go-to news source is Kare 11 or Fox News.612-741-8288 | brs72464@bethel.edu | @briannashaw512

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News Editor: Callie Schmidt, 20, is the news editor of The Clarion. A junior this year, Schmidt hopes to start important conversations through excellent storytelling. She’s passionate about social and environmental issues and looking at how our role as a Christian community affects those issues. In her spare time, she enjoys making music through singing and playing guitar, riding her bike around town, climbing on stuff and going on new adventures. Her go-to news source is The New York Times.

612-250-8789 | callie-schmidt@bethel.edu | @calliemschmidt

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Multimedia Editor: Maddie Christy, 19, is the multimedia editor of the Clarion. She is currently a sophomore journalism major. Maddie is excited about using photography and videography to tell beautiful stories. One of her biggest inspirations is the Facebook series Humans of New York. Most of her time during the day is spent emailing, updating her g-cal, and making to-do lists. Her mother calls her a bag-lady as well as a hoarder due to the unnecessary number of journals and coffee mugs she owns. A perfect Saturday for Maddie would include a nice morning jog or yoga session, a vanilla latte, and a stop at the farmers market. In a future world she would love to live in a small town and run her own photography business, or work in PR for a Christian non-profit. Her daily news source is TheSkimm.

712-540-7566 | mac79746@bethel.edu


Copy Editor: Katie Saffell, 21, is The Clarion’s copy editor. As a senior Literature and Writing major, Saffell hopes to lend to the clarity and accuracy of The Clarion. She is passionate about humanitarian issues and the empathetic capacity of good storytelling. For news, she follows The Washington Post. For fun, she follows @dog_rates. Her talents include quoting movies, losing her balance and her train of thought, and curating Spotify playlists.

605-391-1894 |kas76345@bethel.edu |@ktsaffell

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Business/Marketing Manager: Matt Lemay, 19, is the business manager of the Clarion. A sophomore this year, Lemay plans on bringing an advanced business approach to the Clarion in hope of creating a new connection between business and journalism. He’s most passionate about generating the needed revenue to help bring new equipment and resources to the Clarion staff, along with expanding on the Clarion’s connection among local businesses. In his spare time, he enjoys playing intramural basketball, fishing and watching documentaries. His go-to news source is the Wall Street Journal.

651-398-0710 | mal96339@bethel.edu | @lemay_42

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Senior Reporter: Jared Martinson, 20, is a senior reporter for the Clarion. He is a sophomore journalism major, hoping to tell significant stories through the power of words and the people saying them. Jared is an avid follower of sports, particularly the NBA, and desires to become a columnist or sportswriter alongside some dabbling in broadcasting. You can find him playing guitar on a Vespers worship team at Bethel, drinking ginger ale or watching Friends on Netflix. His favorite news source is The Ringer.

763-478-7094 | jnm73856@bethel.edu | Twitter: @Jar_Head88

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Senior Columnist: Godfrey Mpetey, 21, is a senior columnist for The Clarion. As a senior, Mpetey will touch on current events such as politics, relationships, culture, music and sports from his own lens. His favorite topics stretch from social justice and activism to sports and music. In his spare time, he enjoys watching Netflix, traveling, podcasts and his personal favorite- chilling. His go-to news sources are The Ringer and Star Tribune.

952-297-5943 | gom34985@bethel.edu | @gfreempetey52


Columnist: Samuel Krueger, 20, is a regular columnist for The Clarion. Krueger is a Junior political science major who wants to bring a conservative voice to The Clarion. Krueger loves to push the issues that people are afraid to talk about. He enjoys writing serious political and provocative commentary as well as satire. In his spare time he travels and drools over classic cars. His go-to news sources are Info Wars and Huffington Post.

651-262-3175 | sek46887@bethel.edu

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