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Editor-in-Chief: Josh Towner, 21, is a journalism major who likes organizing his inbox into over 60 subsections. He is a good bad movie aficionado, a below average mini golfer and has at least three frozen pizzas in his freezer at all times.
josh-towner@bethel.edu | 847-450-3723


Managing Editor: Jasmine Johnson, 20, is a senior journalism major and graphic design minor who is the shyest extrovert you will ever meet. She buys oversized flannels from Goodwill, dances in her chair whenever she eats the garlic parmesan pasta special and substitutes the label of procrastinator with deadline-driven.
jasmine-johnson@bethel.edu | 320-761-2892

MollyNews Editor: Molly Korzenowski 20, is the news editor this year. She is a junior Journalism and Graphic Design major. She enjoys creating celebrity portraits with chalk pastels and is never seen with less than 5 rings on her fingers. Her go-to midnight snack is cold pizza. She would love to start her own business one day — she is not a fan of taking orders.
m-korzenowski@bethel.edu | 715-222-7353


News Reporter: Emma Eidsvoog, 20, is a junior journalism major and graphic design minor. She loves falling asleep to a thunderstorm playlist on Spotify, drinking an unhealthy amount of coffee and buying anything with floral patterns.
emma-eidsvoog@bethel.edu | 320-293-7681

ZachLifestyle Editor: Zach Walker, 20, is a journalism and organizational communication major who once listened to the Spongebob Squarepants theme song 100 times in a row. He likes picking orange in Settlers of Catan, water skiing while his dad drives the boat, and keeping his room clean like a very good boy. Talk to him about Oscar nominees, backpacking, or why he always goes over the word limit.
zach-walker@bethel.edu | 715-928-1726


Lifestyle Reporter: Emma Harville, 20, is a junior organizational communications major and journalism minor who loves cinnamon scones, greek mythology and falling asleep to Planet Earth on Netflix. She has yet to spend a day at the beach without getting a severe sunburn.
emma-harville@bethel.edu | 651-955-1250


Sports Editor: Jared Martinson, 21, is a journalism major and media production minor. He is adept at inserting obscure Star Wars quotes into everyday conversation. When he’s not working for The Clarion, you can find him leading worship at Vespers and chapel on the acoustic guitar or calling play-by-play for Bethel athletics livestream broadcasts.
jnm73856@bethel.edu | 763-478-7094

AbbySports Reporter: Abby Pautz, 20, is a junior journalism major and media production minor. She is an avid animal rights supporter and lover of buying clothes to improve her mood, owning way too many graphic tees. She also treats herself to ice cream more than she should while also trying to avoid dairy because, well, animal rights.
aap83829@bethel.edu | 763-269-1440

ThanhDesign Editor: Thanh Nguyen, 20, is the graphic design editor this year. She is a junior graphic design major and studio arts and art history minor. She enjoys to indulge herself into Criminal Minds on Netflix, run into walls and door frames by accident and tie her hair while laying down to ensure all her hair strands are tucked in nicely.
thanh-nguyen@bethel.edu | 651-808-3400


Section Designer: Toan Vo, 20, is a junior graphic design major and studio art and art history minor. Once he threw a rock at a pole that ricochet back to hit him in the forehead, which sent him to the ER. He sometimes has a habit of cracking his fingers every five minutes and he is also a ramen connoisseur.
toan-vo@bethel.edu | 651-353-2524


Section Designer: Will Jacott, 21, is a graphic design major and business minor. He enjoys typing in only lowercase letters for the ‘aesthetic’, has over 50 vinyl records, buys all his clothes from thrift shops and drinks far too much coffee on a daily basis.
wmj98247@bethel.edu | 763-898-7618


Section Photographer: Katie Viesselman, 20, is a junior graphic design major and photojournalism minor. She enjoys lilacs, sunrises on cool mornings, and puppies (because who doesn’t like puppies). Her favorite foods are roasted veggies, carbs, and chocolate chip cookies with extra chips. She drinks too much coffee.
katie-viesselman@bethel.edu | 763-447-0333


Section Photographer: Emma Gottschalk, 20, is a junior graphic design and bachelor of fine arts double major and art history minor. She likes to collect CDs for her car, her current favorite being the Shrek soundtrack. She also enjoys anything with Benedict Cumberbatch and loves her dog Scout way too much.
emma-gottschalk@bethel.edu | 651-592-4870

JhennaSection Photographer: Jhenna Becker, 20, is a sophomore double majoring in English and Journalism with a photojournalism minor. She is probably the most chill person you’ll ever meet, according to her family. She will always find an excuse to go to Starbucks, Caribou, or RG for the same drink (iced caramel latte with almond milk). She has just recently discovered Google Calendar.
jhb43669@bethel.edu | 612-508-9712


Social Media Manager: Taylor Fondie, 21, is a senior communications media major and journalism minor. She is a retired professional athlete, enjoys picking out her outfits the night before, loves drinking an Oreo milkshake at Apple Bee’s and being active by going to the gym at least three times a week. Her go-to shoes are her Nike Air Force 1 Jester XX kicks.
tff57266@bethel.edu | 612-990-1737

THE Whitney McQuade

Copy Editor: Whitney McQuade, 20, is a junior elementary education major, with an endorsement in social studies, who has watched One Tree Hill in its entirety one too many times, only orders iced white mochas at any coffee shop she goes to and will eat Captain Crunch Berries for any meal on any given day.
whitney-mcquade@bethel.edu | 651-246-2697


Columnist: Sierra Beilby, 21, is a senior English Education and English Literature double major. She enjoys disappearing into novels by Annie Dillard to pretend she is a Christian mystic, playing Mario Kart Double Dash on the GameCube with her brother, and eating java chip ice cream more often than she should.
sib83588@bethel.edu | 651-788-3232


Columnist: Joshua Turek, 21, is a senior biology major and chemistry minor. He can be found around Bethel pretending to do homework while actually watching detective shows on Netflix. He is an adrenaline junkie who became a pilot at 17, SCUBA certified at 18, EMT and ambulance driver at 19, and once survived for a week alone in the woods. He also loves meeting new people, so if you see him in the hallway, make sure to say hello!
joshua-turek@bethel.edu | 712-441-4265


Accounts Manager: Amy Nelson, 22, is a senior business major with a double emphasis in accounting and data analytics. She loves horror movies, white mochas and making her friends laugh at inappropriate times.
a-nelson@bethel.edu | 763-645-7973

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