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More than a Bible study

By Zach Walker 162 Minnesota Hispanics attended the 7th Spanish-Speaking Seminar for Pastors and Leaders March 30, with the next conference set for May 18. Juan Hernández Jr. began his lesson. He gestured toward a PowerPoint on Revelation, a topic he teaches every semester at Bethel University. But this time, he taught in Spanish. His voice rang out through overhead speakers to a crowd of people just like him. A group who looked like him and sounded like him and worshipped like him. Hernández, Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Bethel University, led the seventh Seminar for Spanish-Speaking Pastors and Leaders March 30 at Bethel, with the eighth set for May 18. The turnout was record-breaking with 162 members of the Minnesota Hispanic community as well as Bethel students and faculty attending the event to learn about the historical, cultural and theological context of the book of Revelation. The… Keep Reading

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Built-in best friends

Halle and Hadley Rittgers share what it’s like to be twins Interview and photo by Laura Osterlund Who is older? Halle: I am older by two minutes. How are the two of you similar? Hadley: We both did all the same sports growing up, and we both are passionate about art and science. Hadley: We have similar friends, but we also have different friends. Halle: I would like to say though, with all of this, I feel like we’re kind of equally similar and equally different. I feel like sometimes we’re so much alike, and we are identical and stuff, but we still definitely have our differences, and I think that balances us out a little. Hadley: College has let us find our individuality. Halle: I also think we’re similar just with certain things we like and similar styles, but not exactly the same. Like we still have our own… Keep Reading

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Transforming Bethel’s DNA

Chief Diversity Officer Ruben Rivera discusses exclusive Christianity and tackles what it means to be a reconciler amidst diversity in Bethel University’s community. By Emma Harville Junior Hilda Davis knows what it’s like to be the only one. Pulling up to Edgren Hall at Bethel University her freshman year, she knew that it would be different from Champlin Park, the diverse high school she spent her last four years at. What she didn’t anticipate was the lack of connection she would feel with the rest of the student body because of that difference. Davis was shocked during Welcome Week as white students flooded the campus, but she couldn’t seem to find many students who looked like her. She sat in several general education courses in which she was the only student of color. When she greeted a group of girls on her floor, she was met with little response. Discouraged,… Keep Reading

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A 1950s Hangover

Ring by spring culture is reminiscent of the 1950s. By Josh Towner Graduation in May. Wedding next February. Then, life. This is the timeline for seniors Tim Rockford and Marisa Griner. The couple met while working for Student Ministries. “I had to talk to like five people to see if it [dating] was okay,” Rockford said, since he was the Director of Student Ministries.   They got engaged after dating for one year and three months. Rockford, 21, and Griner, 22, are getting married much earlier than the average age of marriage in the United States: 28.8. From the outside looking in, the two are taking a huge leap. But from Bethel’s perspective, getting married young is nothing new, as Bethel currently has its highest-ever number of married students enrolled. Nationally, 5.7 percent of women and 4.6 percent of men are married by the time they’re 22 years old, according… Keep Reading

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A life without taste

Bethel University freshman uses a rare diagnosis as motivation to become a nurse. By Kate Holstein Anna Bruno managed to push off going to the doctor for one more day. She was busy. Tennis, soccer, track, violin and schoolwork all snuck up to the top of her priority list. What was one more day? A day off from school finally presented Bruno the opportunity to see a doctor. Her mom called to see if her daughter could get in for an appointment they thought would be routine. Sure she was thin, but nothing out of the ordinary. They knew her lack of appetite was concerning, but she had practice — she had school. That appointment would throw Bruno and her family into a frenzy of searching for answers. “After [the appointment] it was a night and day difference,” Bruno said. “All of a sudden I was in the hospital and… Keep Reading

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Badminton, roundnet and neuroscience. Oh my.

BSG welcomes eight new groups to the clubs and organizations roster. By Laura Osterlund The BC bustles on a snowy Tuesday afternoon with voices and music. A ring of tables surrounds “the egg”, and behind them stand representatives for BSG clubs. Various clubs are showcased such as rock climbing club, International Justice Mission, anime club and women’s lacrosse. Standing amongst the ring were representatives for the recently approved and added clubs. This year, eight clubs have been created. This includes the Catholic Student Association, badminton club, roundnet club (similar to Spikeball), neuroscience club, ski and snowboard club, Oasis For Orphans, unified sports club and Leading Women of Tomorrow. So far, five of these have been approved as official BSG clubs. “These new clubs offer unique possibilities to the student body that were not previously available,” Executive Director of Clubs and Organizations Logan Lasley said. “Every club that is passed allows… Keep Reading

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Student’s design comes to life in mural painted by Bethel community members

The Advanced Painting class hosted a Painting Party in the Makerspace for students to piece together sophomore graphic design student Thanh Nguyen’s vision.   By Emma Harville Art students Lauren Cosby and Megan Olson grip their paint brushes as they layer hues of blue paint over the geometric shapes formed by carefully laid blue Scotch tape. Other students kneel on the plastic-covered floor and climb ladders to reach the top of the 16’ mural in the library’s Makerspace Monday night. Students who wander in are greeted by Cosby, Olson, and other students of  professor Amanda Hamilton’s Advanced Painting class, and are encouraged to grab a paint bucket, brush, and get to work. Thanh Nguyen, a sophomore graphic design student, designed this mural when she entered a juried competition in Fall 2018 open to all art and design students at Bethel. The committee included Kent Gerber from the Makerspace, as well… Keep Reading

Becoming the person she needed: From homelessness to Street Ministry

Bobbie Jo Chapkin started a street ministry in the North Minneapolis community to reach the marginalized with love and the message of Christ.  By Molly Korzenowski  Bobbie Jo Chapkin rushed toward Merwins Liquor on West Broadway Avenue in North Minneapolis, yards from Sanctuary Covenant Church. A woman with long black braids, Tatiana, emerged from her car. Upon seeing Chapkin, a smile appeared on the woman’s face. BJ, her nickname for Chapkin, cares. Chapkin, a Missional Ministries and Digital Humanities major at Bethel, knew right away what the goal of her Digital Humanities capstone would be.  She wanted to do an internship allowing her to work with people living on the margins, a place she knew very well. This passion led her to work with Sanctuary Covenant Church on Broadway Avenue in North Minneapolis, a community shrouded in stereotypes. “I wanted to shed some light on what it’s really like, show… Keep Reading

Keeping the ’90s alive

Sophomore Zach Fisk runs an Instagram Clothing account that will one day lead to a brick and mortar presence. By Diana Clark It was all about the hunt. For 5-year-old Zach Fisk, it was about the hunt for Fisher-Price Rescue Hero action figures that were no longer being made. His parents, Paul and Heather Fisk, started taking him around to different thrift stores to find these toys. “It was a hunt. The joy of finding something,” Fisk’s mother, Heather, said. Now at 19 years-old, sophomore business major with an entrepreneurial focus, Fisk has turned that hunt into an Instagram-run clothing store called Thrift-fil-a where he buys and sells used vintage clothing. Fisk grew up in Bothell, Washington not far from Seattle. Besides starting to buy toys and electronics from thrift stores at a young age, Fisk had a natural knack for selling too. “I’ve always been a little thrifter,” Fisk… Keep Reading

The yes man

Micah BigEagle comes to Bethel with a lot more life experiences than the average freshman.  By Laura Osterlund Micah BigEagle knew how they looked at him wherever he went. The 6-foot-7 redhead was a white unicorn; the only sign of the Western world that could be seen for miles. Now a freshman computer science major, BigEagle has a collection of stories to tell about the adventures he had between high school and Bethel. He applied to the Rotary Youth Exchange program before graduating from high school, which sent him to study business in India. While in India, BigEagle did yoga with the Education Minister of his state who aggressively told him to breathe. He had a freak-out moment in the middle of a grocery store when he saw a bag of Lay’s Sour Cream chips. He broke his foot while playing basketball and had to wear a hot-pink, full-length cast… Keep Reading

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