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Music bits: What to play when feeling reckless or discouraged

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Girls by M.I.A.

Logo_bethelbits_HudallaI’m never reckless. I live a reckless life vicariously through this song.

I first heard “Bad Girls” when I saw the Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy movie “The Heat.”  The instruments and elements of Middle Eastern and Indian hooks caught my attention. It’s a catchy and empowering song.

I went home and downloaded it right away, starting a long journey of self-induced embarrassment. Let me tell you, I only listen to this song when no one is around, because I dance around the house like a madwoman. While I’m dancing I act like I’m a part of a music video, wearing a hoodie, sweatpants, surrounded by backup dancers, and walking in slo-mo down a street in India.

20170210_holmberg_mugshots_gaines_13Now that I’m typing this, I realize I’ve never told anyone about this, for good reason I suppose. You know those songs that have double meanings, like “Blurred Lines” and “Cake By the Ocean?” After some research, I think this song needs to be added to the list. At any rate, until it’s added, my journey of self-induced embarrassment will continue.

–CeCe Gaines

Vienna by Billy Joel

I found the movie 13 Going on 30 while binge-watching my way through every romantic comedy I could find on Netflix. It’s the type of movie you watch when you’re not satisfied with your own life.

20161010_simpson_petersenThe real treat, as it turned out, was Billy Joel’s song, Vienna. It plays while the main character, Jenna, despairs and tries to turn back the magic that turned her from 13 to 30 overnight.

It’s sad and strange but also real and reminds me of all the times I’ve wished I could change something I have no control over. So when I feel like I’m failing Billy Joel’s lyrics run through my head, “though you can see when you’re wrong, you can’t always see when you’re right.”

–Abby Petersen

2017-2018 Editor In Chief of The Clarion. Most passionate about social and environmental justice, especially in Native American communities. Likes her coffee iced, her books thick and her stories edited. |

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