Humans of Bethel – Rachel Wingbermuehle

Rachel Wingbermuehle discusses her perspective on Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead.)

By Lauren Clyne

“I’m from Oklahoma so there’s a lot more Spanish speakers there than there (are) in Minnesota. One of my best friends lost her grandpa a year ago. The whole family celebrated on November 2nd. [There] was a lot of happy crying and a lot of sad crying. They [the whole family] watched videos and shared pictures. It was really cathartic for them [the whole family] to talk about their loved ones. I think it’s really sad that Dia de los Muertos is considered demonic. It’s a happy holiday about people celebrating the lives of their loved ones that have passed. It’s not about conjuring the devil or welcoming them [the deceased] into our homes. It’s [about] welcoming their memory. A life goal would be to visit Mexico during the November 1st and 2nd holiday. The first day, November 1st, is actually celebrating the lives of children that have past and the second day is celebrating the lives of adults that have gone. I think that more people should be informed about it and be culturally aware. If I ever lost somebody I’m sure I would want to celebrate their life everyday and not be sad that they’re gone.”


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