Day of Movement: a photo essay

Oasis for Orphans club held the Day of Movement in the Sports and Recreation Center Saturday May 11.

By Laura Osterlund

Junior Nathan Mateer and senior Sam Johnson try to balance on a gym scooter.
Junior Hunter Allison eats spaghetti noodles. He found them inside of a unicorn piñata.
Junior Nathan Mateer shatters an egg with a tennis racket. Every time the group was notified of an additional online donation, they randomly selected names to spin the wheel. Mateer’s spin resulted in this activity.
Students spray senior Amanda Salsberg with silly string. This was a part of her punishment that she spun on the wheel.
Two students paint sophomore Chloe Kallman’s face. Each activity spun on the wheel was photographed and posted on attendees’ social media accounts to raise awareness for the event and promote fundraising.
Senior Ian Snyder and junior Nathan Mateer jump up for a basketball. Various activities were set up around the SRC, challenging students to stay moving for six hours.
Ryken Kreps and Halle Rittgers demonstrate a falcon punch as a part of an acting activity. Bethel’s improv comedy troupe the Intelephants led the event attendees.
Senior Amanda Salsberg plays a round of Spikeball between other scheduled activities.
Junior Hadley Rittgers writes a message for members of the club to read next year. A prayer corner was set up in the SRC lobby for students to step aside and pray for the two kids the club sponsors: Esther and Clintone.

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