When I feel wanderlust, I open Netflix and I watch this…

By Josh Towner

Anthony Bourdain waltzed through his Greek villa, tossed his towel from his shoulders and dove into the crystal clear swimming pool, all in stunning slow motion accompanied by Aris San strumming his guitar in the background. 

“Parts Unknown” delivers shocking foods, gorgeous views and brutally honest commentary to those feeling the need to escape. Host Anthony Bourdain travels the world offering up his take on everything from how the breeze feels on the Greek isle of Naxos to the ruins of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s palace. 

Whenever my dorm room starts to feel too cramped and familiar, I turn on “Parts Unknown.” My TV ceases to be a square of light and sound. It becomes a window to another corner of the world. Somewhere with different sounds, different colors, different food and different people. When I need to forget about my world, I turn on Parts Unknown and watch Bourdain’s. 

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