Quarantine tourism: Greener Things

During a time of limited travel due to coronavirus, there are still plenty of local places to visit in Minnesota this summer.

By Vanna Contreras

Lyndale Park Rose & Peace Gardens

The Lyndale Park Rose Garden shares a rectangular plot with a perennial garden. The roses are at their best June through August, while the perennial garden is blooming throughout the growing season.  There are two unique fountains, one featuring turtles and gargoyles.  All plants are labeled with their scientific names to help avid plant-lovers recognize each species.

For picnicking, hammocking or playing games, the adjacent Lyndale Park is a great place to go.  Crossing the street, there is the peace garden, which has more of the look and feel of a Japanese garden. There is a Japanese spirit bridge, a sculpture and perennial plants of the alpine variety.

Be prepared for a sunshine tan on a sunny day as there are no structures to provide shade. It can be crowded, especially on pleasant, sunny days.
















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