Far From Home: Colorado

A quick look at new Bethel arrivals from across the nation and overseas.

By Rachel Blood

Incoming football player and political science major Luke Brandt shares about his discovery of Bethel from Littleton, Colorado. 

Luke Brandt
Luke Brandt discusses his excitement for his upcoming school year at Bethel | Submitted Photo.

Q: Where you were born, where did you grow up, and where do you live now? 

A: I was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado. I still live here with my family. My parents met in Colorado and loved it so much they decided to live there.

Q: How did you first hear about Bethel?

A: Coach Peterson started recruiting me for football and met with me multiple times.

Q: What made you choose to attend school so far from home?

A: I came to a visit over the summer and immediately fell in love with the school. I then ended up coming to a game day visit and an overnight visit with the football team. The community is filled with the nicest people I’ve ever met. The football coaches are phenomenal and the team is filled with great guys who share the same values as me.

I’ve had a dream of playing college football for a long time and wanted to find a place that matched my values. Bethel was that place for me; the mix of kind people, the love for Jesus and the strong community made me fall in love with Bethel.

Far from Home_Colorado-10
Graphic by Bryson Rosell.

Q: What’s your major/minor?

A: I plan to major in political science and possibly minor in psychology because I want to go into law enforcement. I have a great interest in the human mind and would like to help people.

Q: Do you plan on playing sports or being involved in music or theater at Bethel?

A: I plan to play football for the Royals. I’m so excited to be a part of the team.

My older brother transferred from Oklahoma Baptist University to come play with me and he shares the same love for Bethel as I do.




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