What to do: have a cone

Some of the best ice cream shops around Bethel

By Laura Osterlund

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to beat the summer heat is through ice cream. Through a series of graphs and mathematical algorithms, I discovered the top shops to visit based on price and rating.

  1. Pachabelly’s, Shoreview  (Tied for first)

This hidden gem of a frozen yogurt shop is just a 10 minute drive away from Bethel. Similar to many popular fro-yo shops, it sells self-serve frozen yogurt and sorbet coming in many flavors. 

After a flavor is chosen, several types of cones and toppings are offered to pick from. However, the best treat that Pachabelly’s has to offer is their cotton candy. They prepare it to-order with choices of “classic” flavors as well as hard candy flavors such as Skittles and Jolly Ranchers. The shop prides itself on the whole eating experience, which shows in the atmosphere they create with their interior. 

  1. Cup and Cone, White Bear (Tied for first)

For the best quality soft-serve ice cream at the cheapest price, Cup and Cone is the place to go. The ice-creamery offers creamy, soft-serve ice cream in chocolate, vanilla or a special flavor-of-the-day. For those who need a lactose-free option, they serve this as well in its own specialty flavor made from Dole whip. Food is also sold there including dishes like hoagies and hotdogs at a low price. Outdoor seating is perfect for the summer time and makes it easier to practice social distancing.

    2. Cullen’s, Champlin

While I have not personally visited this shop, it has raving reviews. Cullens carries hard-serve ice cream in many unique flavors. They also sell bottled sodas and various throwback candies. Their retro atmosphere makes eating there a great experience, and it’s a place that the whole family can enjoy.

3. Lick’s Unlimited, Excelsior 

4.  Milk Jam Creamery, Minneapolis

5. Honey and Mackie’s, Plymouth 

6. Big Dipper, North Oaks/ Blaine

7. Nelson’s, Stillwater 

8. 2 scoops, St. Paul

9. Sebastion Joe’s, Minneapolis


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