The Egg: March 29

Inspired by TheSkimm, longer than the E-announcements, created with your short attention span in mind.

By Ariel Dunleavy | Contributing Writer 

J-term study abroad applications

Want to spend J-term 2022 studying in Europe, Taiwan or Guatemala? Get the chance to work on an award winning magazine, improve communication skills or expand international business knowledge all around the globe. Get those study abroad applications in by April 26. Email or visit the Study Abroad Office with any questions. 

Fall registration

Registration for fall 2021 is coming up fast. Make sure to get those registration holds figured out before the scheduled registration time. Reach out to advisors to schedule advising appointments, take care of any account balances and email any professors to get a prerequisite waived if needed. Take advantage of those plans on Banner– they are a lifesaver and save time when registering. 

The Yolk

The best source of news at Bethel is now becoming a podcast. The short, sweet, seven minute podcast premieres today, made with your class commute in mind. The Yolk is available for your listening on any podcast streaming service along with other Clarion podcasts like More than a Single Story, so go check them out. You might hear a familiar name on it.

Easter Break

Today marks the first day of Holy week as we lead into Easter weekend. Take time this week to spend time with God and thank Jesus for everything he did for us. A reminder that there is no class Friday and Monday for Easter break. Enjoy the long weekend, spend some time with family and get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather if you can.

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