Express Yourself: Confidence is Key

The Bethel biweekly fashion update to help students keep up with the trends

By Hannah Hunhoff

Being exposed to the intricacies of timeless European fashion at a young age, Sophomore Graphic Design major Liz Millhouse has mastered the principle of dressing to impress. Millhouse spent her childhood in the beautiful countries of Romania and Hungary, where fellow citizens are devoted to showcasing their style regardless of rain or shine.  

“One time I was in Budapest, Hungry and came across a woman with the cutest outfit on,”  Millhouse said. “She embodied true confidence, pairing her outfit with a cute little bag and everything. I wanted to be like her and hope to inspire others in the same way through my style.”

Photo by Bryson Rosell

Millhouse’s creative nature emerged at a very young age, as she said she’s always adored taking a modern twist on prominent fashion trends. The development of one’s style has proven to be a continuous journey of many twists and turns, rather than a final destination for Millhouse.

“I have loved fashion for the longest time,” Millhouse said. “Although it has taken a hot minute, I feel like I’ve officially found my vibe. I’m still working on it, but I feel like I’m slowly getting there.”

Millhouse is passionate about incorporating an essence of European elegance in her everyday outfits. While a majority of Bethel students gravitate towards simple athleisure apparel like joggers and leggings, Millhouse pivots towards an emerging spring fashion trend: biker shorts.

“This past week, I just found my love for biker shorts,” Millhouse said.“I like them because they are so comfy, yet they pair well with a t-shirt and some jewelry.”

Regardless of what outfit Millhouse struts down the BC stairs in, she consistently radiates confidence with her shoulders pushed back and head held high, complete with her trademark curls fixed over her shoulders.

“Just be confident in whatever you’re wearing,” Millhouse said. “If you think your outfit looks good just wear it with confidence.”

Recreate the look:

To accentuate vintage details and magnify the retro trend of the 1990’s, sport a basic white tank and find a pair of straight leg black denim jeans or oversized pants (Liz found her iconic pants by rummaging through her Grandma’s closet and repurposed them in an innovative way). Merge style with comfort and place a fuzzy, cropped cardigan over your shoulders –preferably spring oriented colors that are complementary to the black denim. Continue to move to the beat of the retro theme by dusting off your beloved white Nike Air Force 1’s and sporting a neutral colored bucket hat over your head.

 Accessorize with some simple, but sophisticated jewelry, such as a delicate gold necklace and dainty earrings. Enter into a pink infused world and place some translucent sunglasses over your eyes. To stay within COVID-19 guidelines, finish off this spectacular look by wearing a black face mask, which is consistent with the overall color scheme of the outfit.

Photo by Bryson Rosell

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