Three major changes for BSG

Student Activity Fee increases, Underground renovations and student council

By Molly Wilson | News Editor

Student Activity Fee

Resolution 64-14 passed Nov. 28 allows Student Senate to raise the Student Activity Fee up to $25 per semester. Previously, Senate was allowed to increase the fee $5 per semester. Following this decision, Student Senate voted Dec. 5 to increase the Student Activity Fee $15 dollars total for the 2023-24 academic year. The increase will now be approved by Student Life staff before being implemented. In the foreseeable future, Student Life will be taking $100,000 from the Student Activity Fee fund which has traditionally gone entirely to Bethel Student Government.

Underground Renovations

Proposed and voted on Nov. 14, Bill 64-9 allocates the entire Legacy fund, approximately $60,000, towards renovating the Underground. It will become a communal space for students open nights and weekends after other food options are closed. There will be programming as well as a concession stand with snacks such as popcorn. The space will also have arcade games like Skee Ball, Big Buck Hunter and dart boards. 

Additionally $20,000 was approved from the Senate General Fund Nov. 28. This would fund new lights, a Wii, multiple TVs and chairs. In addition to the funds received from Student Senate BSG is looking for contributions from Facilities Management and Alumni Donations. 

Student Council

Dec. 5, the Student Senate voted to replace itself in the 2023-24 academic year with a Student Council. The council will have four class representatives and two at-large representatives. 

In recent years, Senate has seen a decline in membership and less contentious issues which led to the reevaluation of the purpose for Student Senate by BSG President Blake Birno and Executive Chair of Student Senate LC Underwood among others. 

Resolution 64-16 provides an outline for following documents that will detail the new positions and branch of BSG.

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