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Bauer’s Back to Bethel

Levi Bauer is a familiar sight in the halls of Bethel, speeding past streams of people in his power chair and leaving his nurses to catch up. The junior is often found attending Bethel athletic events, and is known for his love of the Vikings. He was diagnosed at birth with myotubular myopathy, a genetic neuromuscular disorder causing extreme muscle weakening. Because standing and walking are often difficult for those with the disorder, a wheelchair is often required. When a broken hip halted his arrival to Bethel this fall, many were left wondering his whereabouts. Keep Reading

Culture Arts & Lifestyle

Will Found a Way

For Will Kornbaum, a 2011 graduate of Bethel, his college days gave him the tools to “wait in Christ,” and taught him the importance of building good rapport with everyone he meets. Today, Kornbaum is the Pastor of Student Ministries at Eagle Brook Church for the White Bear Lake campus. Keep Reading

Culture Arts & Lifestyle

People of Bethel: Preston Huft

I had a friend when I was about 12 and we were both homeschooled with tons of free time. And I was fascinated that it was something different. I wasn’t athletically inclined or anything like that and so I was like, “Okay, I kind of enjoy the hand-eye coordination challenge that this presents.” It took a while to learn, I had the time so I was like, “Why not?” Keep Reading

Culture Arts & Lifestyle/Sports

“Living the Dream”

Some people may shy away from being the “go-to-person” at work, but not Minnesota Twins Ballpark Operations Assistant Chelsey Falzone. Having Target Field as your office may sound glamorous, but what most people don’t understand is that someone has to make it look that way. Falzone is that person. Whatever the ballpark needs, she does. If there’s an overflowing toilet, she solves the problem. If Terry Ryan wants feedback on how the team is playing, she gives it. Keep Reading

Culture Arts & Lifestyle

From Bethel to the Booth

AJ Mansour chucks a pen across the room. Work is getting heated. Mansour is a multimedia journalist for KFAN sports radio , which has the No.1 morning show in Minnesota, in addition to top ratings throughout the day. Mansour spent all four years at Bethel University, where he met his wife. Keep Reading

Culture Arts & Lifestyle

2015 Roar Day Recap

October 14 marked Bethel’s ROAR (Raising Our Alumni Rate) Day: a one-day fundraising campaign that uses donations to give back and provide opportunities to future Royals. This provides students and alumni with the opportunity to celebrate all things Bethel.” Kristin Seely, Bethel senior and Supervisor of Royal Legacy, said. Keep Reading

Culture Arts & Lifestyle

Sophomore Switch

A week into her sophomore year, Molly O’Toole was unpacked and ready to begin her second year at St. Mary’s University in Winona, Minn. Those plans changed drastically after one phone call, when she learned the head coach of the women’s basketball team would not be returning for the upcoming season. With this in mind, O’Toole packed her things and headed for Arden Hills. Keep Reading

Culture Arts & Lifestyle

Winter’s Tale

Professor Scott Winter has done what most professors only dream of — he put into action what he teaches. In this case, it’s journalism. He left the comfort of his desk and set out to employ the numerous writing lessons he’d given his students. He set out to write a book. Keep Reading

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