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BUILDing towards the future

Program staff evaluate the next steps for graduate students.  By Jasmine Johnson and Alicia Dahl Whether receiving a fist bump from Daniel Cline or witnessing the epic dance moves of Kirsta Graf and Olivia Elder, the three-year-old BUILD program has added a new energy to campus. Eight students from the first graduating class completed the Bethel University Inclusive Learning and Development program May 2017. Among those graduates were Lauren Thysell and Ben Boatman. Since leaving Bethel, Thysell spends 12 hours a week cooking at Harvest Moon and working at Therapy for Me. She lives in her own apartment, but visits her mother, Cathy Sallas, whenever she can. As a member of the first graduating class, Thysell was featured in a 2017 Star Tribune article  that depicted students’ reflections of their time at Bethel. Looking back on the past year since Thysell’s graduation, Sallas said enrolling her daughter in the BUILD program… Keep Reading

24 hours at Bethel

The Clarion spread out across Bethel’s campus April 26 armed with cameras, notebooks and tripods. Here’s a multimedia peek of 24 hours at Bethel. By Clarion Staff 12:57 a.m. Dr. Stephen Self, a professor of music at Bethel University, played the organ in his cramped office that overflowed with sheet music he has acquired throughout his 18 years at Bethel. The symphonic chorale “Jesu, Meine Freude” by Sigfrid Karg-Elert echoed through the tranquil halls of the Clausen Center. Usually, only the night janitorial staff hear the angelic notes coming from his fingers as they dance across the ivory keys. “I often stay this late because it’s usually pretty quiet,” Self said. “There aren’t usually any interruptions.” Self, a night owl by nature, used to be just the opposite. By 10 p.m., he used to be in bed. “It’s really funny to me because usually old people think about going to… Keep Reading

Culture Arts & Lifestyle

Humans of Bethel: Willy Issa & Nicole Miller

By Katie Viesselman     My Faith Growing Up: Nicole Miller My faith growing up was a lot of what other people viewed me as and not what my individual relationship with Christ looked like. I was always striving to reach that goal or reach that fulfillment and satisfaction that I thought I would get from the recognition of being a Miller kid or making the top sports team. In reality, that never brought me satisfaction. I mean, yeah, I’d come home and be in a varsity sport and have all these points and in the moment it felt great, but when the doors were closed, I was super empty. Honestly, I was just lonely and just, like, unsatisfied and an angry person because I thought I could do it on my own and do it without Christ, but still throw in the “Christ” word once in awhile. I’d be… Keep Reading

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