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What it feels like … to be the only one

[Editor’s note: “What it feels like” is a new Clarion series – inspired by Esquire magazine – written by reporters who want to share the stories of the Bethel students you pass by in the hall every day. – Maddie DeBilzan, editor.] What it feels like … to be the only student in a meeting full of adults. Former Student Body President processes big changes alongside staff and faculty. Katie Finney folded down the blue seat in CC313. She put her backpack on the ground beside her and sat down. Finney’s eyes shifted to the double doors as faculty, and only faculty, filed in. Minutes later, the meeting began and the members of the Bethel University Faculty Senate began to process the decisions made regarding recent budget cuts. The faculty-only meeting took place last spring after President Jay Barnes sent out a university wide email about budget cuts. Finney described it as “an… Keep Reading


Coverage Alert: Bethel Football hosts Wartburg in NCAA first round today

Follow the Clarion today for in-depth playoff football coverage! By Jared Martinson Saturday afternoon at Royal Stadium is expected to be just as cold as last week and even more raucous. The Bethel football team (9-1) plays host to Wartburg College (8-2) in the first round of the NCAA playoffs. It’s the Royals’ first playoff appearance since 2013. For extensive game coverage and updates throughout, be sure to follow Jared Martinson on Twitter @Jar_Head88. The Clarion Staff will be providing news and notes outside the lines of the field as well. The contest begins at noon on the campus of Bethel University. Admission is $4 for students (with a valid ID) and $8 for adults. Keep Reading


A reading break from work

Kirsta Graf will be reading to kids at the Dunn Brothers where she works. Kirsta Graf, a senior at Bethel University who is in the BUILD program, will be reading several stories to children at Dunn Brothers on County Road D at 10 a.m. Nov. 16. She will cozy up in the coffee shop to give back to children through the power of stories. “I like when the kids look at the pictures,” Graf said. Graf will not be nervous for her reading time with the kids. She is also an employee of the establishment, familiar with the hustle and bustle of the coffee shop. Although her previous reading only brought in one child, perhaps due to Minnesota’s abrupt entrance into winter the previous night, she will continue to read each Friday morning to however many kids show up. – Carmen Syverson, Clarion correspondent Keep Reading


White Christian Imagination event coming to Bethel

Pastor to discuss “how whiteness has disembodied the biblical narrative Monday. “White Christian Imagination: How Whiteness has Disembodied the Biblical Narrative” features church planter and senior pastor of Lighthouse Church Dee McIntosh and will take place Monday from 7:30 to 9 p.m. in the Eastlund Room at Bethel University. The Bethel Reconciliation Studies program will host the event, which hopes to approach whiteness and its implications on society. “This work is about, ‘How do we understand this social construction?’” said Tanden Brekke, who teaches a course titled “European American Experiences, Whiteness, and Reconciliation.” The event is part of the reconciliation course’s guest speaker agenda but is open to the Bethel University community. Brekke hopes students will come with their questions and perspectives. –Judd Martinson, Clarion correspondent Keep Reading


Fall 2018 Coeval taking shape

Literary magazine editors meet to discuss and choose content Monday. The editors of Coeval, Bethel University’s literary magazine, will be scanning submissions of poetry, prose, fiction and non-fiction Monday to decide which pieces will be published in the fall 2018 edition of the Coeval. Writing submissions were due Friday. The meeting is exciting for the Coeval editors, as the latest edition starts to take shape. “I usually don’t have time to write or read anything if it’s not for class, so I love sifting through submissions and seeing how creative people are,” sophomore Coeval editor Jasmine Johnson said. –Emma Melling, staff writer Keep Reading

Three animated films for fall break

Bethel University students can make the most of a Friday off by catching up on homework, or they could dig into some classic animated movies to inspire themselves to do that homework during the weekend. Inquiry class sophomores suggest these three: Cuteness Overload Despicable Me (2010) can simply be described as the opposite of despicable.  It tells the story of an evil villain who grows to love three young orphaned girls, the cutest group of girls anyone will ever see on a movie screen. The youngest girl, Agnus, will literally tug at the heartstrings when she does something cute, such as when she wins a stuffed unicorn and screams, “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!” It kind of makes you wanna die, of cuteness overload. Basically, if you don’t plan on watching this movie, then just consider yourself a hater of cute adopted orphaned girls that turn a hard evil villain… Keep Reading


What a nickel can buy

Dr. Washington brings Peanuts psychiatry to afternoon courtyard. By Mackenzie Novak, for The Clarion Dr. William Washington set up the bright yellow psychiatric help booth Tuesday, awaiting 11:30 a.m.. The aromas of a nearby food truck fill the air, calling students’ names, but it was quiet and chilly. As it gets closer to 11:30, more students begin to walk through the courtyard. They glance around, noticing the abnormal setup in Kresge Courtyard. Some keep their heads down as they rush to class while others walk through the strip with their eyes wide, drawn to Washington, the Vice President for Student Life at Bethel University, behind the  booth. The jar for nickels sits there, waiting to be filled. Under the sign that reads, “Psychiatric Help, 5 Cents” stands Washington, smile wide across his face as students line up to approach him. If students don’t have a nickel, classmates lend one. Washington sets… Keep Reading

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