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Community discussion of race yields more questions than answers Jenny Hudalla| Editor-In-Chief Published in Issue 13 of The Clarion year 2014-2015 “We need more chairs.” That’s what a Facilities Management worker said above the steady hum of conversation as hundreds of students piled into The Underground for Bethel’s #BlackLivesMatter event Tuesday night. With more than 350 people in attendance, it was perhaps the most collaborative and intentional community discussion of race that Bethel has ever seen. Students, faculty and staff from seven departments and offices – including the Office of the President – contributed to the production of the event. But what inspired such a far-reaching mobilization? According to UCB Director Zakiya Robinson, who spearheaded the event, the purpose of the #BlackLivesMatter discussion was fourfold: to contextualize historical incidents of police brutality; to discuss Christian engagement with social justice; to address the place of white students in the conversation; and… Keep Reading


Will security give your vehicle “the boot?”

Cherie Suonvieri | Managing Editor Published in The Clarion 2014 – 2015 Nearly everyone on Bethel’s campus has seen one — a car plastered with parking violation slips, immobilized by a yellow contraption on the wheel. This yellow contraption, known by most as a boot, is removable only by the supervising officers of Campus Security and Safety. The answer to what warrants immobilization of a vehicle is, in short — it depends. According to Chief of Campus Security and Safety Andrew Luchsinger, a vehicle will be immobilized any time an officer needs to follow up directly with a driver. These circumstances could include instances of reckless driving or multiple accounts of violation attached to the vehicle. Contrary to popular opinion, there is no fine associated with the immobilization itself, so supervising officers are authorized to do so at their discretion. To date, there have been 103 immobilizations this academic year,… Keep Reading


Controversial Swirls Around Faculty Compensation

Salary freezes and retirement cuts become source of contention Jenny Hudalla | Editor-in-Chief Cherie Suonvieri | Managing Editor Published in The Clarion November 6, 2014 Nothing causes a stir like a community-wide financial crisis, and there’s no denying that last year’s budget cuts hit Bethel hard. Administration shaved $7 million from the university’s operating expenses over three years, engulfing Bethel in a storm of academic and personnel cuts. Though the dust has now settled, some faculty and staff aren’t sure they like what they see. After receiving salary freezes for three of the last seven years and stomaching a 7 per- cent reduction in retirement contributions as part of last year’s budget cuts, many employees are upset that they still haven’t been given a raise for the 2014-2015 school year. “People aren’t sure what we can do, but the status quo can’t stay the same,” said philosophy professor Sara Shady, who… Keep Reading


Ebola Outbreak

Fighting an invisible enemy an ocean away Jenny Hudalla | Editor-in-Chief Taylor McElree | Staff Writer Published in The Clarion 2014 – 2015 Inside Ebola: Bethel Students Speak Out Hamida Pabai Senior psychology student Hamida Pabai was 9 years old when she left her home in Freetown, a major port city along the coast of Sierra Leone. Ravaged by civil war, the West African country was in shambles by the time Pabai and her family were admitted into the U.S. Though the war has long since ended, Sierra Leone is battling a new, invisible enemy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 593 citizens of Sierra Leone have died from Ebola so far. With three siblings, three nieces and an uncle still there, Pabai has had no shortage of worries since the outbreak began. “It’s been really stressful, constantly having to call and make sure everyone is… Keep Reading

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