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“Living the Dream”

Some people may shy away from being the “go-to-person” at work, but not Minnesota Twins Ballpark Operations Assistant Chelsey Falzone. Having Target Field as your office may sound glamorous, but what most people don’t understand is that someone has to make it look that way. Falzone is that person. Whatever the ballpark needs, she does. If there’s an overflowing toilet, she solves the problem. If Terry Ryan wants feedback on how the team is playing, she gives it. Keep Reading


Bethel’s Booth Review

Jim Pearson deals with a lot of yardage. During the week, he helps students land their drives in the middle of the fairway at more than 200 yards. On the weekends, he helps NFL referees decide whether the football crossed into the end zone or should be placed at the one-yard line. Keep Reading

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