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  • Committing social sciences

    Alumni and faculty gathered to commemorate the closing of the Department of Anthropology, Sociology and Reconciliation Studies By Elena Vaughn… Keep Reading

  • More than a Bible study

    By Zach Walker 162 Minnesota Hispanics attended the 7th Spanish-Speaking Seminar for Pastors and Leaders March 30, with the next… Keep Reading

  • Faculty load adjustments

    Provost Deb Harless presented the recommendations and results of the Faculty Load and Structure Working Group in reducing expenses to… Keep Reading

  • Talking about the tension

    Conversations arise around a recent statement released from the BTS department. By Sam Johnson On May 1, the Bethel faculty… Keep Reading

  • $5 within 5 miles

    By Taylor Fondie College students are often running tight on money and time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy… Keep Reading

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  • More than a Bible study

    By Zach Walker 162 Minnesota Hispanics attended the 7th Spanish-Speaking Seminar for Pastors and Leaders March 30, with the next… Keep Reading

  • Built-in best friends

    Halle and Hadley Rittgers share what it’s like to be twins Interview and photo by Laura Osterlund Who is older?… Keep Reading

  • Transforming Bethel’s DNA

    Chief Diversity Officer Ruben Rivera discusses exclusive Christianity and tackles what it means to be a reconciler amidst diversity in… Keep Reading

  • A 1950s Hangover

    Ring by spring culture is reminiscent of the 1950s. By Josh Towner Graduation in May. Wedding next February. Then, life.… Keep Reading

  • A life without taste

    Bethel University freshman uses a rare diagnosis as motivation to become a nurse. By Kate Holstein Anna Bruno managed to… Keep Reading



How It’s Made: Academic Calendar

Marissa Gamache | News Editor Vice-President and Dean of College of Arts and Sciences Deb Sullivan-Trainor is in charge of the puzzle. Policies, guidelines, lists and approval groups are all aspects of stitching the academic calendar together at Bethel. She’s tasked with all of the logistics that go into making the puzzle pieces fit snugly. The Academic Calendar Policy guides Sullivan-Trainor and serve as a basis for laying out the possible options for how the academic calendar will look. While the whole process only takes up about two percent of her job, according to Sullivan-Trainor, it is still a cumbersome project that has faced numerous hiccups in past years. The office of Academic Affairs, guided by the Academic Calendar policy first penned in 1984, takes charge of planning each academic calendar. Scheduled two years in advance, Sullivan-Trainor must take athletics, holidays and music tours among other agendas into consideration when… Keep Reading


He’s a Keeper

In what has been a long season for the Bethel men’s soccer team, the things to celebrate have been few and far between. Although the team took the third most shots per game in the MIAC, they were in the bottom three in shooting percentage. The Royals took the fourth most shots, but scored the fourth least goals. Keep Reading


Bolton of Lightning

On a regular summer day while a young Steven Bolton was working as a lifeguard at the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas, it was announced that Donald Trump himself would be making a surprise visit to his establishment. When the news broke of Trump’s sudden arrival, the staff frenzied in preparation, making the hotel glisten to his standards. In the chaos, young Steven was given a key responsibility -- To open Trump’s car door for him upon arrival. Keep Reading


Bringing Funk to the Bunk

Brendan Whalen pounds the final nail into the wood, with his dad by his side in the garage, their project is finished. Whalen, a freshman, builds and sells bookshelves for lofted dorm beds that give students a storage space by their bed. These Top Bunk Bookshelves, as Whalen calls them, act as a headboard with shelf space that gives students a place to keep things by their beds. They are made-to-order with customizable color and can be purchased for $40. Jon Pytlak, Whalen’s roommate, purchased a bookshelf for his own bunk because he was tired of reaching down to his desk to grab his phone. Keep Reading

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A Motherly Movement

It seems you can’t turn a corner at Bethel without being reminded of a seminar or club. Bright paint and markers are splayed across windows advertising symposiums and stairwells are adorned with posters marketing upcoming events. There is one program, however, that manages to fly under the radar. Keep Reading

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Bauer’s Back to Bethel

Levi Bauer is a familiar sight in the halls of Bethel, speeding past streams of people in his power chair and leaving his nurses to catch up. The junior is often found attending Bethel athletic events, and is known for his love of the Vikings. He was diagnosed at birth with myotubular myopathy, a genetic neuromuscular disorder causing extreme muscle weakening. Because standing and walking are often difficult for those with the disorder, a wheelchair is often required. When a broken hip halted his arrival to Bethel this fall, many were left wondering his whereabouts. Keep Reading

Culture Arts & Lifestyle

Will Found a Way

For Will Kornbaum, a 2011 graduate of Bethel, his college days gave him the tools to “wait in Christ,” and taught him the importance of building good rapport with everyone he meets. Today, Kornbaum is the Pastor of Student Ministries at Eagle Brook Church for the White Bear Lake campus. Keep Reading

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