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By Zach Walker 162 Minnesota Hispanics attended the 7th Spanish-Speaking Seminar for Pastors and Leaders March 30, with the next conference set for May 18. Juan Hernández Jr. began his lesson. He gestured toward a PowerPoint on Revelation, a topic he teaches every semester at Bethel University. But this time, he taught in Spanish. His voice rang out through overhead speakers to a crowd of people just like him. A group who looked like him and sounded like him and worshipped like him. Hernández, Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Bethel University, led the seventh Seminar for Spanish-Speaking Pastors and Leaders March 30 at Bethel, with the eighth set for May 18. The turnout was record-breaking with 162 members of the Minnesota Hispanic community as well as Bethel students and faculty attending the event to learn about the historical, cultural and theological context of the book of Revelation. The…

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